Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aloha...Palm Sunday, Bunnies, Bunny Bait and Hawaii

Happy Day, Happy Day...
it's Palm Sunday!
like i said...

ordinarily, i wouldn't make clog up a Palm Sunday post with
other stuff...
but i'm not sure when i'll be able to post again so here goes...
 we are off to Hawaii tomorrow!
the NorthShore...
surf capitol of the world...
and the place we were married 20 years ago:)
we always promised the girls 
we'd take them back to the place it all began...
so away we go!

we'll do a bit of this...
and this...
(shopping on the north shore:)

and this...
(horseback riding on the beach)

and we will celebrate Easter Sunday morning services on the beach with
North Shore Christian Church.
Our Prayers are with you and your ohana!
May your testimony be sweet praises to God!

you might remember it as Bethany Hamilton's church
in the movie Soul Surfer.
it should be a very special Easter morning!

now, let's talk about BUNNIES...
get ready to say "AWWWWW"

i think SOMEBUNNY has been eating too much

what's bunny bait?
THIS is bunny bait...
and it is YUMMY!!!!!

according to Sing for my Supper, here is all you do...
Bunny Bait
1 bag popcorn, popped
6 oz. white chocolate candy coating
1 bag Easter M&Ms
pretzel sticks, broken into small pieces (if desired)
colorful sprinkles, (if desired)
Place the popped popcorn in a large bowl with the broken up pretzels and M&Ms. Heat the candy coating in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring after each time, until melted and smooth.
Drizzle the candy coating over the popcorn mixture and stir to coat. The pretzels and M&Ms will sink to the bottom, so make sure to get those stirred in and coated with the rest of the popcorn.
Spread out on a large piece of wax paper, top with a few sprinkles (if desired) and let cool. Break into pieces and serve in a large bowl.


and to make an ADORABLE bunny bum cake...
 go to Betty Crocker for directions.

well friends,
i'm outta here!
have a BLESSED Palm Sunday and Easter...
and be sure to whip up a bunch of that bunny bait:)
God Bless...


  1. Happy Palm sunday Suzanne to you and your daughters.Orthodox Palm Sunday isnt til next week. I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. Happy Palm Sunday,Suzanne! I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii. I know you will..and enjoy services at the church. I copied over that Bunny Bait recipe. How cute-the grands will love it- as if they don't already get enough EASTER sweets! xo Diana

  3. what a great Palm Sunday for your family. Love a beachside service.
    I will have to try the bunny bait.
    I had a mini op eared bunny just like one of those you showed. Not that one is one big bunny.

  4. Oh, my, that bunny bait looks really, really good (and I bet it has no more calories than lettuce!). Enjoying exploring your delightful blog this afternoon. Safe travels to's so hard not to be envious.


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