Friday, July 20, 2012

Happiness is.......The Long Hot Summer Edition

because while it's only mid July.....
it's been a loooooong HOT summer!
so hot, i think maybe i've been even LAZIER than normal!
which is why i haven't been on my blog much.
too hot + lazy = no blog posts.
seriously, this is what happens when i sit at the computer to write..... cute:)
i mean, this heat is draining.
  all i wanna do is lay around like these cool guys..... 

but before you think i haven't been enjoying summer,
here are a few things that spell summer happiness to me.....
and we all need to think about the HAPPY in our life, 
past and present, right?
Happiness is.........

~having FUN is what summer is all about.
remember water balloons?
SOOOO much fun in the summer!
well, now some creative mommies have discovered how to have a water fight with sponges!

photo credit: Sponge Balls
super easy to make.....
just cut up 3 sponges into strips.  
gather them together and tie with dental floss.
fluff out your water sponge and you're ready for a water sponge fight!
COOL, huh?
now that's some serious summer fun, sure to make everyone

~Happiness is also.......
the beach!

going to the beach with a book and a CUTE hat are even better.....
(love this book, and what do ya think of our new hat?)

next best thing to going to the beach is EATING the beach. of our favorite desserts is sand on the beach.
kind of like dirt cake except with vanilla pudding, cream and crushed vanilla wafers.
you could experiment with happy beach cupcakes.

okay, enough about the beach, our happy place:)

~Happiness is an ICE cold treat.
if you don't like em, they make a CUTE gift!

Happiness is........
hanging out and just talking with my girls.
well, one of them.  the other is still at Boston Ballet but coming home soon.
happiness is ALSO that she is HAPPY, having FUN and made some wonderful, life-long friends!

but speaking of talking with your kids this summer, 
here is a list of great ideas from iMom re: talking with the kiddos.

Happiness is.........eating simple.
as in simple dinners!
like the good ol' 

Happiness is.........
 lemonade stands.

my girls used to do this ALL the time.
so much fun and still makes me happy.
do yourself a favor.......
if you see a lemonade stand, stop.
you may be the only one (besides the mom) who does.......
and you will make some children VERY happy:)

Happiness is.......
cuddling and playing with my dogs.
they just make me happy, no matter the season.
this time i bring you my big boy,
Maui the Goldendoodle.....who doesn't know he is big at all:)
YIKES! hahaha

and last but not least,
Happiness is.........
staying inside on a hot summer day,
doing crafts with my girl(s)
like these SUPER CUTE headphone wraps!

we saw the idea on pinterest and in one night, Jordie was done with hers.
(mine took longer but only cause i was doing 10 other things at the same time:)
aren't they cute though?

okay, okay.....enough catching up!
time to get out and enjoy the day before it gets TOO hot and steamy:)
most important, remember this.......


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