Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rustic Chic Turquoise Decorating.........

Okay, the news these days is quite sad.
more than sad.....downright tragic.
so on this silly lil ol' blog,
let's get back to mindless, simple,
hopefully happier stuff,
without ever forgetting what others may be
 going through.

let me tell you about my latest decorating obsession.

and my favorite color,
 which is darker than aqua yet with similar tones.........
what i call rustic chic turquoise.
i totally love it.
it works with any decor, in my opinion.
and in particular, works in my home.
i just don't have a whole heck of a lot of it.......
but i will be adding touches here and there as i find it.
have i written about this current obsession yet?
i kinda feel like i have but..... OH WELL:).
 in a nutshell, 
using my white sectional as a starting point,
this would be my idea board.
complete with the happy cow:)
look at all the cool things pictured here.......
from the awesome table to the chair, armoire, FAUX cow hyde rug
to the pier 1 lamp and the amazing pillows.
and the floor.....can't get more rustic than that!

and so you know, i have been eyeing this cow at Z Gallerie for some time.
i love the colors but most of all, 
i love the happy cow.
(i've always loved cows.....those big cow eyes are so sweet:)
and can you guess what this painting is called?
don't you love it?
okay, don't feel bad if you think i'm crazy.
that just means you are siding with my husband in sending me to the crazy farm;)
moving on to some other items i love......
this rustic turquoise bed and side table is stunning in it's way.

these dining room cabinets are so pretty!
and how gorgeous is that touch of lilac paired with the turquoise.

this necklace and bracelet set, while stunning,
is just an example of how everyday items can serve as decor inspiration.
don't you think? me, i've bought things telling my husband i needed them
because they were inspiring me.
it works:)

this next thing, i am SO doing ASAP!
i have a rattan chair that was very comfortable but lately
we feel it's not so anymore.
so i've been thinking and thinking.....what kind of chair would we like?
then i remembered i have two studded, faded leather chairs downstairs!
so i'm going to cover the cushion and add some cool pillows.
i can't wait!!!

i love this little sign.......
the lettering and distressing is just the right shade.

this vase is so pretty.....mixed with the fall flowers.

well, there you have it.
my obsession with rustic chic turquoise.......
and don't forget the happy cow:)
hope you're having a great Saturday!

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