Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!!!

being the ginormous pinterest fan that i am,
it seemed about time i joined in on
"How Pinteresting" wednesday, from The Vintage Apple.
surely y'all know that pinterest is a go to site to store your favorite images,
find TONS of new ones and get some extremely COOL ideas!
well, the idea here is to share a few things that caught my eye this week.
tough...because about 500 things caught my eye:)
but i'll try!

okay, I've had my eye on this purple armoire for awhile now.
why can't I be brave enough to do this?!?
i already have the chocolate walls, so why not?
it would be so AMAZING!
and it would also be the last crazy thing i did as a married woman because
my husband would be OUTTA HERE after he saw it:)
oh well.....maybe not purple.  maybe aqua, or pink:)

i LOVE cute cuff bracelets.
and what could be cuter than these embroidered cuffs?

now i know i need a happy little camper trailer of my own.
look how cute this one is decorated.......
i could live here:)

okay, i REALLY want to do this at Christmas.
face it, this is a lot less work and HYSTERICALLY funny.
to me, at least:)
attach a card that says 
"Merry Christmas from the Ding Dongs next door".

 and how cool is this.....
recycled light bulbs,
painted with nail polish, strung with a few beads and
omg...don't you just wanna run and jump on this 
AMAZING water balloon slip and slide?
now.....i wouldn't wanna fill them or clean up,
but i would give it a running jump, for sure!!!

see, the bad thing about pinterest is it makes you want things you can't have......
like another baby girl, so i can deck her out in these ADORABLE shoes!:)
oh well.......granddaughters some day, maybe:)

last but not least.......
this one is for YOU!

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that's it for now.
pretty cool stuff, huh?
see ya!


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