Friday, July 20, 2012

That's Why I Pray.......

and why i love country music.
frankly, it is the only "popular" music my girls listen to....
the only they are allowed to listen to.
there is good and bad in anything.
but there are FAR more songs/videos like this one by Big and Rich.....
That's Why I Pray.
Click on the You Tube link to watch it if it doesn't play.
It is well worth the few minutes it takes.

On an unbelievably TRAGIC day in Colorado,
it's something to think about.
That's Why We Pray.
We need to Pray for those affected by this tragedy.....
the victims, their families.
the healthcare workers and police.
and the shooters' family.

Anyone who thinks this is or will be an isolated incident is just plain 
Because our country is in trouble.
SERIOUS trouble.
That is what the song is we are discouraged from speaking of God,
praying in Public.......keeping God in our Pledge of Allegiance.
and look where we are.
"Don't speak of God".....when we need to.
And we need to speak TO him.
There are those who will question.....
but it is not for us to question.
It is for us to pray and have faith in the only one who is always there for us.

We have no need to worry about what will happen in the next week, month year.
The people killed in this tragedy thought they would watch a movie
and walk out afterwards.
We never know.
Maybe all we can do is pray.....and hold those we love a little closer.
Enjoy those little moments.
Never take anything for granted.
God Bless all of you!

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