Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Sales and a PINK Thanksgiving.....

if there is one thing I DETEST it is the phrase 
"black" friday.
it just seems so dark for the start of CHRISTmas shopping and for the day after 
even though I know it has to do with "being in the black".
and for personal reasons, i have very good reason to not like me:(
but for today's blog post i have to use it, 
so please excuse me because I stumbled
on something REALLY cool!!!

did you know........
you can go to
 and pull up early sales AND a list of what will
be on sale Friday?
so for those power shoppers,
no need to pore over ads.
you can make your shopping list RIGHT NOW:)

now for pink Thanksgiving,
for pink saturday....
bet you didn't think this would be possible but look at this.....

see, it is possible to have a pink thanksgiving!:)



  1. Laughing about the pink turkey, but I did not know about the website, and I appreciate that!

  2. I didn't know about it either so I was really excited:)

  3. Great blog!
    Cheers from Argentina.


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