Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Think about this.....PLEASE!

when you talk to your children,
do you tell them they can be anything they want to be when they grow up,
 if they don't get messed up and they work hard?
do you tell them when they grow up,
 they can be just like everyone else?

Yes, it's THAT simple friends.
i don't do politics on my blog and am appalled 
at all the people who shove their opinions in your face on .........
what else..........facebook.
but today, i'll make an exception.
not shoving anything at you.........
just asking you to think about something.
something VERY important.
then go vote.

i could post a TON of funny, scary, thoughtful pictures about this election.
but instead,  i'll share just one.
because i can't resist.

now don't be a hater and leave nasty comments.
i'm not like that and hope i don't have friends like that.
instead, think about your choice, PRAY about your choice,
and if you haven't yet,
VOTE for your presidential choice.
and don't forget to smile today.......
or even better, let slip a giggle or two.
even better..........

May God Bless you all today.........


  1. ha, made me laugh. The pollsters say Obama, but I still have faith in the American public to surprise us all and come through for Mitt!

  2. Suzanne- I don't do politics on my blog either and I HATE when people start getting all preachy on their blogs- I just click off...but THIS is funny! I hope we are all smiling at the end of the night- it is a nail biter for sure. xo Diana


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