Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decorating Styles.......or How Do YOU Trim the Tree?

This is somewhat of a repost from Christmas in July.
I figured some un-festive people were not too happy
when I did this in July,
so I'm posting it again today.
Soon, I hope to repost one of my reader favorites,
which was a PINK Christmas in July from a few years back:)
If you see a stray reference to summer that I missed,
sorry about that.
It was SWELTERING hot when I wrote this originally:)
Alrighty then, here we go.....

what i thought i would do is look at Holiday decorating "styles".
do you have one?
or are you more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of gal?
maybe your decorating is whatever your kids draw, create or want to hang on the tree.
that's what mine was, for YEARS!
i love it still.....
although now i change it up sometimes.
i'm sure when i have the empty nest, i'll bring back the kiddie tree,
just because:)

anyway, let's get started with the decorating PERSONALITY quiz.
 are you a traditional, red and green kind of person?
i'm not so much.....but i do love it when i see it.
and one of these days i'm going back.......
because i really want a red tree some day.
i know.......a red tree is NOT traditional.
but at least it's red:)
okay, if you go the red and green route,
you are classic, traditional, conservative and reliable.
you are okay with change to a certain extent.
but not too drastic.
decorations may change and get an update.....
but they must stay RED and GREEN.
and your lights are always white.
they look best with the red and green theme.
well, what do ya think?
am i close?  a little bit? maybe???

now, what if you use colors like
 orange, turquoise, fuschia, purple and lime in your decorating?
well, to start with ,
you would ALWAYS use multi colored lights.
the more color, the better.
you are non-traditional, obviously.
you like to try new things and you LOVE change.
you are adventurous, free-spirited, confident and outgoing.
people like being around you with your FUN outlook on life.

okay, okay.....what about all those people who have a single color scheme.....
like Pink?
well, obviously you are a bit non-traditional too,
although not necessarily "modern".
you may be vintage and classic, but just LOVE pink!
you believe in surrounding yourself with people and things that you LOVE,
that make you happy.
you don't care what others think.....you like it.
it is important to you that your choices in life reflect the real you.
you love pretty things and aren't afraid to be a lady
you are very warm and approachable and make friends easily......
especially if they like pink too:)
so pretty.....in pink:)

"i'm dreaming of a white Christmas....."
yes, let's talk about those who love their whites.
(including metallics)
that's the style i have these days.
but trust me, it isn't cold.
not at all.
mixed with creams and a bit of glittery metallics,
it's my Vintage glam" look:)
but i promise to be unbiased in my personality description here:)
white christmas lovers are......
non traditional, to start with.
i mean a giant white tree?.  definitely non-traditional!
they like beautiful things and love the idea of a 
snowy white Christmas.
they are confident, happiest when decorating their home,
a bit controlling in that they like decorations to
"go with" or coordinate with the decor.
know what i mean?
but in a good way, of course:)
they are dreamers.....and they are doers.
(had to stick that one in there:)

elegant too...did i say that?

okay, before i sign off,
just a few odds and ends.
this year, i am sticking with craft paper that i embellish real pretty
for my gift wrapping. 
i think.
if i get my act together:)
something like this......
although MUCH less professional looking:)

nice, huh?
and speaking of gift wrap, 
if the kiddies are getting cabin fever,
summer is a great time to have them make your Christmas wrapping paper.
we used to do this all the time.
just buy solid paper and stamps/sponges.
let them have at it with a bit of paint and you have great gift wrap!
 or if they are a bit older, maybe they can cut out some
COOL paper snowflakes.

lastly, any idea how these ADORABLE penguins were made?

well, follow the link under the photo but here's a hint.......
they come from a soda bottle.
i'm not even giving more hints because you're going to LOVE
Lucy and her VERY creative blog!
so go meet her and look around awhile!

Be Blessed.......
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  1. I love it all! I think this year I am going to decorate my tree with lot's of vintage sheet music ornaments that I am making...we will see!


  2. I love all of the looks....it would be so hard to narrow it down. I guess I am more traditional than anything, but I still dream of and ooooohhhhhh-n-aaaaaahhhhhh over other styles. I still hang all the ornaments I have from childhood and special ornaments we have collected through the years. Mix in lots of silver, gold, red and green and, voila, we've got a pretty eclectic mix!

  3. You ladies must have some beautiful trees! Trisha, vintage sheet music ornaments are stunning! Jane, nothing beats eclectic:).
    xoxo Suzanne


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