Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blessed and Thankful..........

confession time.........
i'm not a huge Thanksgiving holiday person.
oh, i love the Fall decor, the side dishes (hate turkey), the pumpkin pie, the family get togethers.
i do believe we have so many things to be thankful for.......
and i hope I am pretty thankful all year long.
i know some think this is the one day to stop and be thankful.
let's face's the one day to watch parades, football and 
STUFF yourself silly!:)

the day for being thankful is EVERY day.
but.....i do remember fondly those huge family dinners in my grandma's basement.
good times:)

now, i do want to share some little things I am thankful for.
but first, my "blessings".
because more than anything, i am

i am blessed and thankful that i grew up in a Christian home
 with a loving family.
and i am now blessed with my own beautiful family and friends.
now THAT is something to be thankful for.
so when i don't include the "obvious" in my thankful list,
please know that some things just go without saying.

today, i am going to share a few things i am thankful for
 that aren't the obvious choices.
these are the little every day things that i am blessed with and thankful for
EVERY day.

in no particular order, i am thankful for.......
~~~my life down south
~~~living near the beach/Gulf
~~~sunshine and cool breezes
~~~rainy afternoons
~~~the pure love and loyalty from my 2 dogs
~~~spending every single day with my beautiful girls.
~~~hugs, kisses and i love you's
~~~a husband who works very hard to support his family
~~~morning coffee
~coconut cream for my coffee
~~~seashells and sea glass
~~~twinkle lights
~~~my fluffy slippers
~~~my oversized, cozy fleece tops
~~~finding something COOL at a thrift store
~~~getting "fun" mail
~~~memories.....and photos
~~~banana laffy taffy:)
~~~nice, friendly people
~~~spray tans
~~~a really good book
~~~double peach hibiscus in my front yard
~~~gardenia bushes
~~~orange blossoms and favorite scents
~~~warm cookies
~~~a good nights sleep (rare but nice when it happens:)
~~~college football
~~~country music
~~~hallmark movies
~~~italian food
~~~naps with my dogs!
~~~anything pink or aqua/turquoise
~~~cowboy boots
~~~being a homebody
~~~warm, cozy blankets
~~~down comforters
~~~really sharp pencils
~~~my glue gun
~~~vintage costume jewelry
~~~charm bracelets and lockets
~~~faded, broken in blue jeans
~~~orange cake and moon pies
~~~fresh strawberries and raspberries
~~~a good nights sleep.....did i say that already? haha
~~~my blog.....and the wonderful people who read it!

see a trend here?
the things i'm really thankful for, outside of the important family things,
are just everyday things that i am sooooo thankful for.
every day.
does that mean every day is thanksgiving?
maybe that's exactly what it is.......or what it should be.

so from our family to yours.........
may you have a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving.
and eat some PIE already.
(ditch the diet for once!;) heehee



  1. What wonderful, wonderful things to be Thankful for. Blessings to you and a Happy Thanksgiving- xo Diana

  2. That was a lovely post!

    Have a terrific Thanksiving!


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