Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Decorating with Ice Skates.......

with Christmas just 25 days away,
you might think the title would be
"Christmas Decorating".
but what i have in mind would be beautiful all winter long.

let me backtrack a minute.
i've just returned home from visiting my Mom in Michigan.
while there, I found a pair of my old ice skates.
memories, memories.......
of fun times with family and friends and of VERY sore tailbones:)

i had seen pretty decorations that started with an ice skate,
so when i found my skates,
i grabbed them for me and one for my Mom.
i didn't have much time,
 so i simply attached a clip of greenery and a red cardinal to the skates.
then my mom hung it on her back porch.

i'm telling you, i LOVE this sweet little ice skate decoration.
not bad for a dollar decorating job, huh?
and not just for Christmas, so no need to take it down in
25 days.
(yep, it's coming that fast:)

i found some more cute ideas for decorating with skates to inspire you.......

~~hanging on an old sled
(and by the way, that's another cool way to decorate.......
with an old sled!)

old skis too!

~~on a window or front door

~~above a fireplace

~~on the corner of a chair

you can hang them ANYWHERE!
(sorry...i couldn't resist a dr. seuss moment:)

~~add a bit of glitter and a sparkly pink star for a little girls room

~~create a pretty vignette with them

just look at these PRETTY felt skates hung as a garland.
if you go here, you can find out how to make these!
and you can use them to hold little gifts, too:)

~~last but not least, you can hang them on a tree.
how GORGEOUS is that!

so start rummaging through your oldie boxes, hit thrift stores, check online.....
and grab yourself a sweet little pair of ice skates!
cause nothing says winter like ICE, right?  hahaha


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  1. gorgeous! my favorite is the vignette! I love the white skates with the greenery and red bow too! makes me want to cry!


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