Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girls just wanna have...

...a blog!!!!! Yep, I finally caved in and agreed to let my 2 girls have a blog. (heavily monitored by me, of course. Maybe they will let me be a guest writer, too??? Nah, probably not:-)

Anyway, if I say so myself, I have 2 awesome girls...the kind of girls you want your daughters to be friends with and your sons to date...except WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!! hahaha

They are your typical teens in some ways and not so typical in others. They get along great with other kids, have a busy life with many interests...but they are not really in to the whole teen drama scene. (Thank you!!!) This is probably why they are also very well liked by the adults they meet...and why they are interested in tearing themselves away from the TV and ipod to create a blog. I figure this is another way to practice their writing, their creativity, computer skills...minus the text lingo (YUK!) and they get to share stuff that happens in their day which is probably a whole lot more interesting than mine and I write about that so...:-)

Anyway, I promised them I would write about their cute blog as it is just getting started and they want/need visitors, followers or whatever. (They would love to find some blogs to follow, too) I told them it takes time...but patience is not a family trait:-) They only have a few posts but will keep working on it. Since they do most of the cooking these days, I am going to let them be the official family recipe bloggers since I hate typing in recipes. Taylor's awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe is posted now and soon Jordie will post her recipe for pineapple sorbet...which I doubted would turn out and was delicious! (See..that is why they cook more than me:-) I'm sure they'll cover books, movies, music, fashion, crafting, relationships and other cool things, as well as Taylor's tales from dance camp and Jordie's summer sports.

If any of you moms out there have daughters who are getting interested in this or can pass the word, send them to visit the two groovy chicks at their blog, Peace, Love and Cupcakes! I promise you will never have to worry about content and this could be a really cool thing for our girls to do, too.


  1. How fun. Both of my girls had blogs as teens. Back then it was on Live Journal.

    Today, they both have blogs on Blogger and Facebook accounts and yep mom gets to read all, even though they are both older now.

    My younger daughter is spending a year overseas and she agreed to writing a blog to keep me updated of her day to day life.

  2. You have raised two very amazing girls! There blog is precious and what a great outlet for them.

  3. You must be so proud! That is great. My daughter isn't interested in a blog right now, she is too busy. I will check it out, and love the fact that they will be posting recipes!! Right up my alley.

  4. My daughter has a blog as well but it's blocked unless personally invited but if you wanted to give me their email address she could send an invite to them. I think she might like that!
    Thank you for your very kind comment today on my blog.
    Where abouts in Florida are you? We are on the east coast near Melbourne!
    Now I'm the one leaving a long comment. LoL.
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi, I will definitely check it out. My daughter is only 11 but she has a blog that a couple of her friends follow so I will pass the information on to her I am sure she would love to see what girls a little bit older than her are talking about.

  6. What a great idea. I will hop on over there and say hello!

  7. I went over and left them a comment. It looks wonderful. It really does! Good job ladies - all of you! :)

  8. They are so cute! Happy Mother's Day!


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