Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mommy, I want to be a "Bannarina"... then 3 year old once told me

"Do you mean a ballerina??? "No, I mean a bannarina. I want to dance and twirl on my tippy toes and wear tutu's". Hmmm...I wonder if she knew what she was asking of a grown-up tomboy who thought I should probably have boys so they could be groomed to be the next quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Instead, I had a little princess who was more likely to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader...or a ballerina. Well, flash forward eleven years and guess what I have...

...a real, live "bannarina"! She has truly worked hard and already accomplished many goals, one of which was to dance on pointe, so maybe she does know what she wants after all:-) My other daughter has said since she was 4 that she wants to be a doctor...neonatologist or orthopedic surgeon, specifically. She keeps telling me she will buy a big house on Barefoot Beach and build a little pink cottage on it for me to live in while I help her with her children. I like the sound of that one, for sure!!! Anyway, I know I've written about the whole dance thing a few times (and I can almost promise these will not be the last photos...hahaha) but I wanted to say that maybe we should all listen better to those little voices when they talk about their dreams. If it is at all possible to chase after them, my advice would be to go for it. Even if this is as far as Taylor ever goes, she will always look back and say that she went after her very first little girl dream until it became a big girl reality:-) I saw a quote once when my girls were small that said something like this (I wish I could remember all of it)...

Just because you know that a balloon will eventually pop, drift off or lose it's air, doesn't mean you should deny your child the sheer joy of holding their very own bright balloon.

So listen to their dreams...and buy them a shiny balloon!:-)


  1. So true! Let children follow their dreams, go for it until they've reached the point that they want to move on to another dream!

    Have Fun!

  2. Such a great tale of dreams coming true and I love your quote!

  3. Thats an amazing post... thank you for sharing

    it warmed my heart


  4. It's always wonderful to see a child set a goal and accomplish it.

    As for the second--neonatology is a far better bet than orthopedics. Ortho is still a good-old-boy's club--the strength it takes to physically do the procedures tends to weed women out early. Plus, that little pink cottage would be a laughing stock amongst all those gun-totin' testosterone junkies.

  5. What a beautiful post and message too! That's an incredible picture of your grown up 'bannerina'! You should be so proud.

  6. What an inspiring and beautiful post! You are a wonderful mom! Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Your daughter is so beautiful!! You must be so proud. This post was very well written, thank-you for sharing. It is so true!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Your daughter is beautiful, wow!1

  9. What a sweet post! I remember being on pointe. That's why I'm not anymore! LOL! I love that you support your daughter's dreams, it's a testament to the kind of mom you are! :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. you're a great momma, and so lucky to have such beautiful talented daughters. The pointe photo is priceless for sure.
    How is the future Doc healing from knee surgery?

  11. Hell, I'm following you through the MBC Follow Me Club! Nice to "meet" you. Please follow me back. Thanks =)


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