Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Ten Things I Said I Would NEVER Do...

Okay, so here it is Tuesday and my mind is spinning between trying to make cute tutu's to help save my daughter's old ballet school with a fund raiser to thinking about some fabulous way to decorate the refreshment and ticket tables at the recital this weekend (suggestions welcome...I'm thinking Martha here:-) Anyway, I was thinking about a few things recently that I said I would never do and thought I'd write about that. Think about it in your own life and have a laugh at yourself. Maybe soon I'll write about the 10 things I said I would do...and did. Hope there are ten!!! hahaha

1. I wear my pj's to drive my girls to school (I did) and I walk my dogs early in the morning in those pj's too. Of course, they are probably cuter than any clothes I own. Always a cute tank top and some sort of pink bottoms...maybe with hearts, polka dots...although today it was a pink nightshirt with a gingerbread girl dressed in pink and the words "Gingy's Gingerbread Gals". I wish I could say it was my daughter's but no such luck. Oh well...I'll brighten up this boring neighborhood!!!

2. I have short hair. Seriously short hair since I went for my latest "Meg Ryan" tousled cut. Hey, I get my dogs a summer cut so this is my summer cut:-) Besides, it makes it easy to wear a baseball cap if I'm having a bad hair day...but with a short messy cut, who knows it's a bad hair day????? I swore my long, layered blond "Charlie's Angel/Mall hair" would be around forever but I did move on when I saw Natasha Richardson in The Parent Trap 10 years ago or so. She was soooo pretty!

3. I am crafty. No, not sneaky-crafty but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my glue gun!!!!

4. I read magazines like Country Living, Victoria and Cottage Living...seriously. I mean, what happened to Glamour??? (I do sneak a peek at In Style once in awhile, though. ) And I love the shabby, comfy look in furniture rather than the sleek black and white mod look I was planning on living with the rest of my life...back in the day:-)

5. I love pink, wear pink and live in a pink house (well, berry-pink in the sunlight:-). How did this happen? I think it was when I gave birth to Ballerina Barbie and my life became all about pink. Now if it's pink, girly, glitzy...bring it on!

6. I drink coffee. NO, wait a minute...I should probably say that i LIVE for my coffee. And if I wake up in the morning to find someone used the last of my coconut cream to have an afternoon iced coffee the day before...look out! NOT a good way to start the day.

7. I cook...and read cookbooks...and watch the Food Channel religiously. AND...I love veggies...even okra, which if cooked right (unrecognizable) gets a bad rap:-)

8. I need to wear glasses or my contacts at all times. I know my mom wasn't right when she told me not to "strain" my eyes by reading in the dark all those years...was she??? Yet if I walk by my girls and they are reading in dim light...BAM!!! The nearest light goes on in the brightest setting...and yes, they complain about it like I did:-)

9. I actually wear sunscreen, sometimes sit in the shade and am a fan of fake tans.
Yep...the sun worshipping goddess finally smartened up about ten years ago. Too late to avoid paying for those days of baking in cooking oil on the roof...but I can prevent any further damage and am actually fighting the good fight (I think) against wrinkles, so that's a plus, at least. I do consider myself an expert on the fake tan (thank you very much) as I have used them ALL...going back to the original QT and Sudden Tan. Remember those? My favorite today is L'Oreal Sublime Bronze. Not stinky, beautiful color, tinted so it's easy to apply, dries quick and doesn't make me feel creepy/ slimy. Go for it! (And always use face/body lotion with sunscreen.) I sound like my Grandma...smart lady:-) So if you see me with a golden tan, know that 98% of it is FAKE. (One time I even scrubbed with a white cloth on my leg to prove to my dermatologist. LOL)

10. I wear a beach cover-up at the beach. No, i NEED a beach cover-up. How did this happen? Wasn't I going to be prancing in a bikini my whole life, looking for shells, running down the beach? Please...that is not a pretty thought...or sight, trust me:-) Now I buy a suit...and that is painful enough...and a cute cover-up to go with it.

I leave you with a thought from one of my favorites...Yogi Berra. We should all look at life as simply as Yogi did. Smile...

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." Yogi Berra


  1. Hi there! I have to say, I agree with ALL ten thing you said. Sunscreen a must! I have always slathered myself in sun rays, but for about the last 10 years or so, I never go without at least 30 SPF on my face at all times! It is in my face lotion. I have olive skin, so I always wear 8-15 SPF on my body when in the sun. 30 SPF, if out for a long time.
    As for the PJ's, that is just a given in the morning when I take Stella out!!
    Have a great day!

  2. That is a great list! Nothing wrong with a good cooking show :)

  3. LOL! I'm totally with you on #s7 and 8! Great list!

  4. I'm so there with you!! I also said I'd never do most of those things, yet I have! I used to worship the sun and now I'm slathering on the sunscreen as if it's going out of style, and covering my kids in it, while saying, "the sun will KILL you if you don't wear this stuff". In fact, I'm going to the dr today to have some moles checked....I'm definitely paying for my sun worshipping days!!

    You love crafts!!! Come over to my blog and check out the super fun art contest/giveaway I'm hosting right now!! The prizes are awesome!!!

  5. I live for my coffee too! Stop by my blog when you get a chance! Ive tagged you.

  6. Thank you for your great comments. I am definitly a work in progress and I WILL be stopping by your blog soon.

  7. I have to say I agree with almost all those things...I NEVER start a day without at least 3 cups of coffee! Your pups are adorable! thanks for joining us:)

  8. What a great list!! I have to say, I live for coffee too! When I see that my Starbucks bag is getting low, I start to panic! Well, not really, but pretty close..lol!!

    Thanks for stopping by, and I see that your daughters are following my blog!! They are too cute, and I think I'm going to have to copy their cookie recipe!

  9. Me, too! I thought I'd never wear PJs driving my kids a block away from us ( And mine aren't cute as yours!); I love -love-pink; and good for you for not going out in the sun without protection!

    BTW, pick up your one lovely blog award - Loveit..love it that you stop by mine and share your thoughts - definitely make me smile!

  10. Love your list...I need to wear sunscreen and I def don't want to be seen in bathing suit. However, my neighbor has never seen me in anything except my night tee-shirt...letting the dogs out in the morning!


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