Friday, May 15, 2009

What I Learned This Week...

This week I learned...

1. I do not like making travel plans, searching for the best deals...and whatever else goes with it. I had a fabulous travel agent in the past who planned our trips (like we travel all the time anyway) down to the littlest detail. She is awesome and I am tired of doing it myself so Lisa...I will be calling you today! Lucky you:-)

2. Summer afternoon rain showers in Florida are so nice...such a welcoming break from the hot sun...unless you have DirectTV and the satellite goes out AND you have a dog...a BIG dog...that still needs to go out and who thinks that every puddle was sent just for him to jump in and drink!

3. It doesn't matter how good the yard sale buy is if you have to spend more money after you get it just to make it work. Case in point...a decorator friend I know is going out of business in this crappy economy and sold off all her stuff. I was lucky to get a sofa, chair and table from the Tommy Bahama line that sold for over $3,000 for only $350. (I knew my husband would love it if it was from the TB line...and yes, I'm blaming him:-) Anyway, it was in a model home and is beautiful. The catch...I need to get cushions made...and custom cushions ain't cheap, just in case you were wondering. other neighbor is having a HUGE yard sale Sat. and I might put it out there...or maybe not. Stay tuned...

4. I remembered that I have a new "comfort" food to add to the list...strawberries on toast. Just imagine strawberry shortcake for breakfast! Seriously, don't give me any of that "it would be too sweet" stuff, okay? I wouldn't believe you anyway!:-)

5. I watched the sunset at the beach this weekend and took about 25 pictures, even though I have about 3,000 already...because how can you not see the sun rise or set in a beautiful sky and not be in awe???

6. As I sit in a house full of tutu's today, I think that every little girl should have one tutu in her lifetime, whether she is a ballerina or not. Just once, she should feel like the tiny dancer...and then go out and collect bugs if she wants...maybe wearing her tutu:-)

7. That I LOVE browsing through the home and accessory aisles at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Somebody should do a challenge on decorating a home from these aisles. I found the CUTEST bicycle basket in the WORLD for only $7.99. Look at was MADE for my bike, right?
8. That I will have more time on my hands next week since my guy Danny Gokey got voted off American Idol. Boo, hiss!!!!!!! The first time EVER my pick wasn't in the finals...and I am absolutely a poor enough sport to not watch ONE MINUTE of the final because i don't want the other two. Sorry...we all have our favorites...and yes, I am a big baby when my favorite team, contestant or whatever doesn't win! hahaha...sad but true:-)

9. I just learned that my memory is even worse than I thought. When I started this post, I had 2 other things to add to my list...and I can't remember them.
Happy Friday!


  1. LOVE the bike basket, what a find!!! Tutu's and boas are a must for little girls! Although after my b'day party this past Wednesday, I remembered why I actually hate boas... the feathers shed all over the place! Like glitter... I hate that more!
    But if a grandma of girls some day, I'm sure we'll have it all again!

  2. Hi sweetie!

    Thank you for droppin' by the Yaya and your sweet comments! :)

    Love your blog!!!! I look forward to getting to know ya...have a beautiful weekend---how could you not with a view like you have! :)


  3. I adore your blog! I just gave you an award on mine! Swing on by.

  4. Oh my, what an adorable bike basket!! I love it. O.k. I know exactly what you mean about the rain. I have satellite in Maryland, and it goes out every time it rains. I also have a dog, who almost needs a catheter when it rains cause she is too prissy to get too wet!
    I also know what it is like to take every beautiful sunset. Every nice evening, I say, "I have to get this sunset, it is going to be great!). So I too, have so many.
    I hope you have a glorious weekend!

  5. that little basket is so adorable!!

  6. Those are beautiful sunset pictures. If I lived that close to the beach I'd probably have more than 3,000 pictures. Keep taking them and sharing them!

    I love that basket and am also sad that Danny had to leave. I'll probably still watch the finals, even though we all know what will happen hoo!

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Oh, I liked Danny also! That's just how I felt when Fantasia was in the finals...I couldn't even watch...even though I loved Diana DeGarmo! You know you have to watch though:)

  8. My husband loves TB as the furniture. Now, that bike basket to awesome. It is perfect for your bike and you are going to stylin' riding around on that cute thing!


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