Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Happy Birthday to my sister...

who shares my love of all things shabby...

and understands that this is the ONLY way to decorate!!!:-)

...and she also shares my love of pink!
(Actually, she loved it first so I stole that from her:-)

Hope all of your birthday WISHES come true...

especially the one about a cottage in Pentwater. hahaha

So how about some calorie free cake...

I know...but we are wishing here!:-)



  1. What a great tribute to your sister! Happy Birthday Sis!! You guys both have great taste. Those pictures are just beautiful.
    The post before, you are so pretty!! I love your haircut too. You must be so proud of your daughter (s). I hope they are feeling better. What a trooper! And the Oreos look amazing!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

  2. Oh my word Suzanne, how am I just seeing this two days after my birthday! Somehow I did not get this one in my email! I was thrilled to be mentioned in the previous post! Ok, I love, love the rooms, the cake looks to die for, and of course the stewardess pose is too cute! My childhood dream of becoming Vicky Ames stewardess never quite materialized..esp when I told mom:) I still have that book I think:)

    You are the best Sis, and I will always treasure this post and that you thought enough of me to put this together!

    Love much

    Kathy...who is teary eyed and does not tear up easily:)

  3. What an abosolutley ADORABLE blog! I love shabby chic too! Your sister, Kathy, sent me here and I am glad she did - I am now a new follower! You probably remember my family growing up - Nash! :) I would like to invite you to my blog too! http://sewnso.blogspot.com

  4. Very cute post...love the pictures! Happy belated birthday to your sister, sorry I'm catching up so late!

    The cake looks yummy!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sister... :-)

    I LOVED that little costume hanging on the door of the cupboard....now, that's REALLY sweet...

    Warm blessings,


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