Monday, May 24, 2010

Sleeping Beauty, Strep Throat, Birthdays and OREOS!!!

I know, you want me to jump straight to the part about OREOS right?
But you have to wait just a little bit.

First, you know last weekend was
Sleeping Beauty.
Miss Taylor did an amazing job, if I do say so myself.
But as I told her Dad, what made me the proudest were all of the parents who came up to me after the show, telling me they loved watching her dance, she did great...
and by the way, "your daughter is just the kindest, sweetest girl, always nice to the younger kids and always smiling."
Now THAT, I really love to hear:-)

Oh yeah...and she had a fever of almost 102 for the 2 performances Sat.
Apparently she caught strep throat from her sister Jordan who was sooooo sick.
Wow...I forgot how horrible a throat could look.

But Jordie was a trooper too. Before we knew it was strep,
she insisted on being there for her big sis!

It's birthday week in our family.
Tomorrow my sister Kathy...
and on Thursday Maui will be 2!!!
Terrible Twos.
But how terrible can this sweetie be, anyway?

Hmmm...must mean there will be

Speaking of birthdays,
this Saturday is a realllllllly special Pink Saturday...
Birthday edition!
A lot of lovely pinkies will be having giveaways, including me
(I hope)
so be sure to check back!

Okay, have I bored you enough?
Is anyone still with me???

How about an OREO???
Not just any old oreo...
a chocolate covered oreo.
But not just any old chocolate covered oreo...
chocolate covered with SPRINKLES on top!!!!!

Yes, I confess...I had one.
Actually, I gobbled one...or maybe two:-)
Jordie and I found them at Kilwins and they are sooooo good.
She had dark chocolate and I had milk chocolate.
They were amazing!

Anyway, I started looking and saw some that were really cute.
Kind of like these...

so this week we are going to try and make some ourselves.
IF I can think of enough people to give them to!!!:-)
And ours will be cookie pops!:-)
Because cookies taste better on a stick:-)
And they look cute!

I'll be posting the method and pics when we're done.
If you're thinking you've had them already in the box from the store...these are waaaaaay better!
And I would know because I've had them too.
And besides, SPRINKLES make everything better!!!!!
And what a cute idea for summer, end of school parties, birthdays, graduations...

P.S. The pic of me is because I had a few people email and say I always post photos of my girls...
and dogs...
but never me.
Well, trust me when I say it won't become a habit!!!!!


  1. You look great in the pic!

    Boo on the strep throat, but all those cookies look delish!

  2. Those look so delicious - I can't wait to see how you do it!

  3. That's a beautiful picture of you! Glad to hear Sleeping Beauty went well, someday I sure would love to see that girl dance! Hope everyone is feeling better at your house now! I'm guessing the Oreos helped. I love Oreos too, in fact last night Steve surprised me when he came home with an Oreo twisted frosty from Wendy's...for me! Such a good husband.

    Hope you are doing great my friend! Have a beautiful day!

  4. great pic of you, love the top your wearing too!


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