Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thinking about...

...ballet recitals.

Yes, it's that time of year and Taylor's dance school is performing
the 3rd act from Sleeping Beauty.

She has 3 parts...
The White Cat (with Puss in Boots)
Diamond Jewel
Violente Fairy

Can't wait!!!
More to come after the show.

Thinking about...

Summer Trips
As in...
a Summer visit to
Kennebunkport Maine!

Since ballet girl will be studying with the
Bossov Ballet in Maine this summer,
why not stop in Kennebunkport?

Is that fun to say or what...
Makes me smile.
Ever since the first President Bush was in the White House
and we heard of their place in Kennebunkport,
I've wanted to visit.

(Kennebunkport Inn)

And while I know this is an artists rendering of Christmas at the Village Cove
in Kennebunkport,
if it even remotely resembles this,
I'm living there someday!!!

Well, we have to dream, right?:-)

I want to sit in these rocking chairs...

and look out at the rocky coastline.

Time to go and get something done.
Have a great Thursday!!!


  1. I live in Kennebunkport! You will love it, came across your blog in my Google Alerts....enjoy it if you get here. Stop in at Twigs Boutique and Shipyard Brewery too...

  2. That is positively gorgeous. Can Ben and I come and visit you there? I think we'd like those rockers too!

    Blessings to you my friend and best of luck to Taylor in the shows this weekend!

  3. What a wonderful trip. You Florida girls will be cold up there in Maine, even in summer! Make sure you pack for it ;-)

  4. may i sit next to you in the rocking chair? ;)

    thank you for entering my lil giveaway and good luck.

    i am now a new follower of your lovely blog too!

  5. That painting of Kennebunkport makes me squeal with joy!!! I seriously need to spend some time on the east coast!


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