Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Special Gift on Pink Saturday

Yikes...I'm late for the party!!!

What party?

The Pink Saturday birthday party, of course!!!
Beverly, the lovely lady from
How Sweet the Sound,
is celebrating the birthday of Pink Saturday.

...And I overslept.
Then I woke up and started a painting project...
Had my morning coffee...
Took Taylor to ballet...
Watched Flicka with Jordie...
and then the pink light in my head went on.

What have I done???
And I had a really sweet little post planned.
I even RSVP'd to the party!!!

What can I say...
I'm always late to the party anyway:-)

Okay, so I have a very sweet blog friend.
Actually, I have 563 of them...
But one in particular did something very special recently.

This sweet lady sent me a special gift.
I can't tell you who she is because she wants to work through
her list of friends and send everyone a little something...
and doesn't want anyone to feel bad in the meantime.
Now that should tell you the kind of person we are dealing with here:-)

Anyway, in my special package were some goodies like these adorable
little pins that are handmade by her!

And she wrote a note to me that was one of the nicest notes I've ever received in my life.
It truly meant the world to me.
This is what she wrote...

"Hi Suzanne,
Hope you like your little surprises.
I love and appreciate your blog and friendship.
You're the Mom I'd want to be if I could
go back again!
Luv ya friend"

Now read the message on this piece.

"My guardian so mild, tenderly guide me, for I am thy child, beautiful angel."

So sweet...

I wonder if I have ever taken the time to send such a precious note to anyone.

I have a feeling I'm often too busy.

But after receiving something like this myself,
I'm going to try to be a bit more like my friend
and send something nice,
something unexpected...
for no reason at all...
except to tell them that they are special.
And that I noticed.

Sending you lots of love and pink wishes!



  1. great pink problem being late, the best things are usually saved for last.

  2. Your friend must truly think you are special. And you are! Happy weekend, Mollye

  3. oh this is so sweet I love evey bit of this post! Isn't it wonderful when someone shows us how kind the world can be. Love the cake. Happy Pink Saturday~

  4. Lovley pink post Suzanne
    Happy PS belated.
    Have a great day and week ahead.

  5. what a sweet friend and i loooove that cake :D

  6. Happy pink saturday on tuesday night, sugar. Better late than never, right. Oooooh my what a sweet blog you have. Come over and visit for a giveaway of roses! Nice meeting you as I've never been here before.

  7. Definitely a sweet friend. Don't feel bad...I'm late for everything!

  8. I'm always late too Suzanne! And as far as you wondering if you've ever done something sweet for someone, stop worrying because you've done SO MANY sweet things for me. I need to get a tiny picture of Benjamin to put on my last charm for my pregnancy bracelet. I have worn it often and think of you every time my friend!

    Love you!


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