Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes they know best...

...I'm talking about 15 year olds.
As in 15 year old girls.
No, I'm not crazy.
Because we're talking about decorating here and not dating.
That's for another post on another day!
(thank goodness:-)

By the way, I missed signing up for White Wednesday
but we're going white today anyway.

So, Taylor asks for a room makeover.
A WHITE room makeover.
My pink girl.


I knew what she was picturing.
And you KNOW I love shabby and white.
But her room???

Well, this sweet girl...
who is no longer a small child...

but a young woman who knows what she wants...
wanted a white bedroom.

I think Jordie and I lost sleep the night before...
but not Taylor.
No pink room???
In my house???
Say it isn't so...

But Taylor was positive,
so off to the paint store we go.

I tried to sell the idea of soft white, off-white, linen white, fluffy name it.
But no...we got PURE WHITE.
As in white base color.

Her bed is cream but her idea was to go white on the walls,
cream and white furnishings,
white bedding,
lots of shells and beachy stuff...
with bits of pink (as in pointe shoes)
and seaglass green thrown in...
And glam it up with bits of silver or gold glitter/glass.

I was so worried.
Worried it would be too bright.
Too white.
Too boring.

I was WRONG!!!!!
It is amazing!!!

We still don't have much on the walls
as she is trying to go about it slowly
and only put up what she really wants.

People always tell me that Taylor smiles a lot.
So when I saw a sign that read "smile", I knew she had to have it.
The first thing to go on the wall
is a seashell SMILE sign she embellished.

The new white room is so pretty and a good way.
Not glaring or anything like that.
And looks BIG!
It's so CLEAN.
And cozy...yep, COZY!
We decided to add lots of different textures with the bedding.
Lace, ruffles, chenille, pom poms, tulle...
Maybe that's why it is so sweet and cozy.

This pillow is to die for!
And do you see the lace ruffle pillow on the stool above?
The sheets and pillow cases all have that extra large ruffle.
I found the bedding line at Belk's...ON SALE!!!:-)
The line is Mary Jane's Farm and it is so pretty.

The ballerina is still in the room though...
Is this the cutest EVER jewelry holder?
Even the center of the flower has a vintage earring in it.

So tell me you wouldn't love to crawl in this bed...

(at least there's still room for the sweet blue Teddy named...
Teddy. Her intitals are T.E.D:-)

She knew what she wanted...

and she LOVES it!
Sometimes they DO know best:-)


  1. I would have never thought about a white room but it looks great! I love the smile sign.

  2. Yes, I agree...she does know best!

    What a beautiful room!

  3. Wow - love the bedroom - love the seashell smile - really is beautiful!!

  4. Gosh your bedroom is so pretty. I love how you attached seashells to the letters great idea! Have a wonderful day Sincerely, Jonny


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