Monday, May 31, 2010

Tickled Pink...

Yep, I'm TICKLED PINK at the great response to my
Pink Picnic Giveaway for Pink Saturday!
Better than that, I've "met" so many new and wonderful people.
And I am so grateful for my loyal buddies, too!:-)

I am PINK WITH EMBARRASSMENT that I have not been by to see YOUR blogs this weekend...
But I will!!!
Before I post anything else on my blog.
(Except for the winner, which I will post later today:-)
THEN, I will take a day...or two...
to catch up on comments and visit my new followers.

Okay, this is why I got sidetracked this weekend...
At the last minute, I got a rush order for some of my Hawaiian tutu's.
Just like this...

I probably should have said no...
but I couldn't!!!
Not when the Mom requests so sweetly for her little girl's 2nd birthday
party...a LUAU!
So, I spent the weekend cutting tulle and sewing on the flowers.
These MUST be in the mail first thing Tuesday morning.
So that's what I've been up to.

Like I said...
I'll be by to wish each of you a belated Happy Pink Saturday,
to say HEY to old friends...
and get to know some new ones!

I hope you're all enjoying this Memorial DAY Weekend!


  1. How gorgeous!
    Happy Pink Sat. belated Suzanne.
    and a blessed Memorial Day.

  2. Oh my goodness that tutu is so cute!! I wish my girlswere young enough to wear those! Believe me, they would be wearing them all the time! I loved dressing them up. My mother tells them I used to put helicopter bows in their hair! Ha! But we didn't have cute things like the tutu when they were small, so bows it was! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

  3. those are adorable tutu's :D

  4. That tutu is too terribly cute! It will be an amazing party I'm sure.

  5. You are such an angel to give up your weekend for that lil birthday girls outfit!
    So sweet!
    I love your tutus...... do you make them for Grammas too?
    My granddaughter and I would love to wear one!

    Hugz, Dolly

  6. P.S. I am sooooooo EXCITED!


  7. What an adorable tutu!! So so precious :)


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