Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites......Beauty Tips and Favorite Looks

happy friday!
(actually, i thought it was Thursday when i woke up)
i was so convinced that when i saw "Friday" on the morning paper,
i thought they made a mistake!
i'm just a little freaked out cause
that means it's LESS than a week till Miss Taylor Ballerina
heads to Boston Ballet for 5 weeks.
i can't think about that right now.
i have to show you a few of my favorites!

beauty tips:
i love when i see something demonstrated so simply,
 like these eyes...

~simply natural eye shadow
light shadow on the lid, light/med brown in the crease,
touch of black eyeliner on top lid and smudged brown shadow liner lightly under the eye, followed by black mascara.
 talk about timeless.
(one make up artist says lining the top with black and the bottom with brown creates a soft, sexy eye.  so there you go:)

~this next eye is obviously more dramatic but the step by step photos are so clear,
no need for words:)

~layer your eyeliner
liquid eyeliners are popular,
but this pro says they are too hard for the average user to apply accurately.
ahem.....she must mean me:)
anyway, she suggests layering eyeliner to get a precise look and stay put wear.
start with an eye pencil and apply to eyelid.  
then put liquid eyeliner on top, following the line you
already drew.
supposedly it's perfect and lasts! 

~make-up brushes

according to total beauty,
we only need basic makeup brushes.
1.  Foundation Brush (?)
2.  Concealer Brush
3.  Fluffy Powder Brush
4.  Blush Brush
5.  Small Blending Brush
6.  Flat eye brush
7.  Precision angle brush
8.  Lip Brush
i guess you could say that means i don't need the other 10
 i must have floating around:)

~get rid of blemishes with vinegar?
that's what they say!
apparently you mix one part apple cider vinegar with
10 parts water. 
put it in a clean glass container and after washing your face.
dab the solution on your blemishes with a cotton ball.
you can apply it several time/day without drying  out your skin.
vinegar helps adjust the PH balance in your skin, treating and preventing blemishes.
go figure!
worth a try:) 

~toe nails
How to get white nails -- make a paste using 1 tbsp peroxide
 and 2 1/4 tbsp baking soda. 
Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes and voila!
 White nails! Totally works!

moving on to my favorite looks.......
i love her hair.
so pretty!
the hair i would have if i could.
but mine is too short.
not straight at all.
and my husband would probably ask me what's wrong with my hair.
but i love it:)

~boho purse/handbag
by the way, which is it?  purse or handbag?)
i grew up calling it a purse.
my grandma called it a pocketbook.
and it seems most people i know down here call it a handbag.
whatever, i LOVE this boho/gypsyish
can't you just see it with jeans, sandals and a white tank top?
(my favorite look:)
speaking of favorite looks,
i am such a casual person.
i would wear jeans everyday of the week.
(and pretty much do:)
so it's no surprise that these 4 looks have a pair of jeans.
starting with my favorite look right now.......
cute, cute, CUTE!

and what do i love about the second one?
jeans, of course.
paired with a dressy/glitzy tank top in cream.
all the gold (i'm into gold or rose gold these days)
basically just all the natural colors mixed with denim!

the one above is a great go to a movie or shopping outfit.
the jeans are the PERFECT shade of faded denim 
and the natural tan sandals and purse are

this last one i must have "pinned" 10 times.
every time i see it i love it more!
if i can't wear cream/white with my denim,
give me soft grey!
 but the shoes are not me.
cute, but not me:)

and LASTLY, the most perfect beauty tips of all time......



  1. What a great post- I have very green eyes and I wish my own looked that good. Love all your casual looks at the end, too. xo Diana


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