Monday, June 18, 2012

some cool DIY ideas.......

it's summertime and that means,
fun for kids and fun for mom!
okay, maybe diy projects aren't fun for you.....
but if they are, check out these super simple, super cool 
diy projects!
(courtesy of pinterest, of course:)

1.  Corkboards.
who doesn't love a cork board or some type of bulletin board
to pin to-do lists, phone messages, photos, kids art.
so many great uses, you know?
and since i and pretty much the rest of the world is crazy about
burlap these days,
how about a diy burlap corkboard like this.......

simply buy a piece of cork or a cheap corkboard and recover it with burlap.
the burlap is available for cheap at Amazon 
($7.50 for 2 yards.)
simply use a staple gun to attach to the back of the board and 
if you like the look of the studs, Michaels or your local hobby store 
should carry those.
shoot.....maybe amazon even carries them!

2. Mercury Glass-Like Lamp
oh gosh, one of the things i LOVE is mercury glass.
that's probably why i love Pottery Barn,
because they always have something beautiful in mercury glass.
as a matter of fact, a lamp with a mercury glass base from there 
 has been on my list for awhile.

well, now i think i'll be making my own,
using Krylon looking glass mirror paint!
i found this idea on ivillage, along with diy instructions
which are super simple!
just think of the pretties you could make by painting your old glass, 
vases or knick knacks.

love it all!

3.  i am crazy about chalkboard paint.
i think i did a blog post about this awhile back,
 but here are some ideas i saw recently.

message trays.....

kids table.......

4.  painted vases.....
okay, head on out to your local thrift store and grab the glass vases.
no matter the color!
cause look what you can do with pretty paint.....
just like sea glass:)

just like sherbet!

well mon amis,
that's all for now:)
have fun creating!!!!!!


  1. i love all these things
    & i really love your DIY tips!!
    happy summer friend :)

  2. The painted vases are so sweet. I didn't know they had the glass paint in the spray vs. Yippee. That will be fun to try. The other method looks so hard.
    Thanks for sharing.


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