Wednesday, June 6, 2012

London or Bust.......

 think about it.....
a royal wedding last year,
Diamond Jubilee this week,
Summer Olympics this Summer.....
looks like London is the place to be these days.
London LOVES a good street party and they'll have plenty of
opportunity to wave their Union Jack.
sigh.....we loved London.
we found the people friendly and charming.....
and very proud of their city.
i'd go back in a heart beat.
but since we can't, 
we use every chance we get to pretend.

and we did that today.....a little bit.
we're saving our big celebration for the 2 week olympic games.
but we did get out our Union jack and crown goodies.....
and Miss Taylor made the most DELICIOUS 
Vanilla Bean Scones.
but i'll save that for later.

first, didn't the queen look LOVELY throughout the celebrations?

gotta admit, the lady knows how to dress.

and for those wannabe princesses........
you guessed it......Prince Harry.

so what did we do to celebrate?
well, you KNOW it had to do with food, right?
Miss Taylor is a big fan of Pioneer Woman.
she decided to make her recipe for
Vanilla Bean Scones......

she made these for mother's day.
we thought maybe they were a fluke, they were THAT good.
let me tell you,
they are NO fluke!!!!
these are the most amazing scones i've had in my life.
two times now and we have DEVOURED them.
so much for the 3 1/2 lbs i lost:)
you can find the recipe with step by step photos at the
Pioneer Woman site.
Taylor did want me to say two things.
1.  Pioneer Woman cooks with whole milk and she used
fat free skim milk plus heavy cream when called for.
2.  The whole vanilla bean is CRUCIAL.  don't scrimp here.....
you'll have so much fun scraping it out and seeing
the little flecks in your glaze:)
and the taste is out of this world!

well, that's it for our little British Invasion.
have to save some good stuff for the olympics, right?
hope you have a HAPPY mid-week.
and think about those scones this weekend:)

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  1. I must say the sound of those scones makes my mouth water! I'm all about enjoying the London Olympics also! I think a table set for that might be fun. The Queen looks so great and I'm happy for her! hugs, Linda

  2. Such a good post. Love all the outfits the Queen has worn. Wouldn't it be nice to have a custom made wardrobe like she has. Yes, there is still one handsome Prince left.


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