Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer FUN.....

before i start on summer fun...
yes, i have a new blog look.
the name comes from my other, usually neglected blog.
i'm merging them and running with the "cool mom" name.
because i'm bored.
and because i found i was putting things on my blog
 i could often care less about.
(bad as that sounds:)
now i have to say, i wouldn't want to be a
"cool" mom according to the world's standards.
but when my daughter's friends said that all the time,
despite me being one of the stricter moms,
i took it as a TRUE compliment:)
we had tons of fun while keeping our
morals and values intact.

so i'm taking my blog back with a fresh twist.
i figure it will keep me young...and maybe a tiny bit cool......
if i lighten things up and have FUN.

and what is more fun than SUMMER???
and i have some fun stuff for you!
we did a lot of simple, cool stuff in the summer.
and now with the handy internet,
i've put it all together with the amazing ideas found on there
just to bring you......

i truly believe with all my heart that summertime
with kids is something to look forward to.
now, i don't have the ideas or resources that some of the biggie blogs do,
but i can still pass on a few ideas.
and if those ideas help just one mom have a GREAT day
with her kiddos, 
it was well worth it.
and with over 1000+ hits on my blog every day,
there has to be one mom to say.....

and by the way, summer fun is not just for kids.
it's for moms, too:)
i don't have a set schedule of when i will post for summer.
i don't do well with schedules.
(they tend to freak me out:)
plus, i have to blog about all the OTHER things that make me happy,
like decorating, eating, sleeping, eating, shopping, eating.....
(notice a trend there;)

but i do have some stuff ready for tomorrow
so don't be a stranger.
and don't feel you have to be a young mommy.
the last thing i would want to do is narrow down
my reading audience to just one age group.
which is why i promise to shake things up a bit every now and then!
in the meantime, i want to share a book that inspired me
and helped to make our summers fun.
if you see it, grab it.
it was just full of fun stuff to do!

warm summer hugs,


  1. What a cool blog for a cool Mom! Love the new look! hugs, Linda

  2. Well, I am one cool old and I love coming here. I have as much fun (maybe more) with my grandkids as I had with my kids. I must say that I always loved summers with the kids, too. xo Diana

  3. I have to say I'm caught in the middle. An empty nester and no grandkids. All I can say is enjoy your time now with your kids. I kinda wish mine were still here sometimes. Love where your going with your new theme.
    Have a good week.


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