Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paramount Potato Chips, Playgrounds, Scary Dentists and more.....

every once in awhile, i like to play the 5 word game.
using a random 5 word generator,
i write about what immediately comes to mind with each word.
i have plenty i want to write about.....one of these days.
but sometimes i feel like writing about something random.
and this is truly random!
the 5 words given to me were:
1. bill
2. juice
3. chips
4. dentist
5. playground
so, let's get started with my 5 words.

1. bill:

i get the mail at our house. once in awhile my girls do too, but it's usually me.
i have a confession to make.  it goes back to the days when i used to run up the credit card.  i mean, nothing horrible, but i got my use out of it,
that's for sure.  well, i have a certain philosophy about yucky bills like the good ol
American Express.  if it comes in the mail on a Friday or Saturday.....
i like to "put it away" until tuesday, if there is plenty of time,  which there should be.  why?  because there is NO WAY i want to start off the weekend with
my husband opening the Am Ex bill.  no way!talk about a mood killer! but why not monday? because it's monday.  bad enough you have to get back to work, who wants to come home to a bill? haha  
and, if the bill comes on the day before a holiday,   i hold on to it until the day after the holiday.  again, why ruin a good thing!  the funny thing is, i don't use it that often.....and rarely for me.  more like for pointe shoes and tennis gear.  but i still get nervous:)

2. juice
hmmm.....juice.  what can i say?  well, we are really hung up on pineapple juice since our trip to Hawaii.
and if you like cranberry juice,  there is one out there that is 5 calories per serving.
i think it's by ocean spray.  sometimes you can get cranberry pomegranate.
but what i love to do, is mix up half a glass (usually a bit less) of juice with half a glass of water.  my own water flavoring!  and since doing this, i am drinking a TON of water!
i love when i find something easy that helps in some way!

3.  chips

i think i could live without ice cream.  even candy.  cookies and cake would be tough for me.  but the hardest thing for me to give up would be potato chips.
i'll even eat crappy chips.....just so i get chips.   which is why i rarely buy them.....because i WILL eat them!  
my mom taught me a trick.   store them, even after opening, in the freezer.
they don't get so stale, stay crisp and keep the cool, salty flavor.....YUM!!!!!
i guess my favorite today is Lays,  but growing up, i LOVED Paramount Potato Chips.  
remember them, in the red bag? and Slim Chipley, the cowboy potato chip?
i miss my paramount potato chips:(
and by the way.....no ruffles with ridges.
oh, i'll eat them.  no doubt about it.  but i believe you are either a ridgy potato chip person  (like my husband) or a smooth chip fan (like me:)

4.  dentist
(this picture just creeps me out!:)
i have a phobia of dentists. not so much going, although i'd rather not. but growing up,
i became paranoid of running into my dentist outside of the office. cause i swear to you,
if i saw him, within a week i cracked a filling, broke a tooth or something.
it was horrible!:)  i have to pass on my favorite bit of "tooth wisdom".....or something like that.   remember Farrah Fawcett?  besides the hair, she had a gorgeous smile.....with great teeth. and this was BEFORE the tricks out there today, you know?

once, in an interview, she shared her secret and philosophy on teeth.
she said she thought you either had healthy teeth that weren't so beautiful, or beautiful teeth that were rotten, if only people knew.  she had the beautiful/rotten teeth.  and guess what?  so do i!  well, maybe they're not beautiful.....but they're decent. and they're rotten!  my dentist used to feel so bad for me.   i think i have soft teeth.  or something.  but i do have a nice smile:)  if i say so myself.

5.  playground
i feel sorry for kids today.  i know they have these incredible wooden playgrounds,
forts, swings, tons of climbing.  but they are soooooo missing out!
missing out on hot summer days, trying to slide down the metal slide and burning your butt:)

ahhhh, the memories:)  
and they are missing out on REAL swings.

the kind that have long metal chains.  chains that creak and groan as you go higher.  chains that you get your hand pinched in at least once in your life:) BUT, they would go SO high!
then you try to swing at the same exact speed and height as your friend and you say "we're in the same neighborhood":)
hahaha...fun times!   then, you would push each other and run under them, and you would jump off the swing in mid air.

 nearly breaking your ankle, twisting it at least once.  childhood;)
then we have the wooden see saw, or teeter-totter.

if you're lucky not to get a sliver in your bottom, you would think you broke your tailbone because inevitably, the person on the other end (or sometimes you) would gets off without warning and
BAM...your end of the see saw bangs into the ground!
what in the heck were these things?

scary looking animals on springs. you just had to hop on them but after about 60 seconds, you would be totally bored:)
 but the most amazing experience kids are missing today is the merry go round.

 or whatever that short round thing was.  heck, maybe they still have these playground toys.  but just in case..... you know, a few of you are sitting on it and someone else pushes it.  and while you're supposed to stay seated, it's a challenge to stand and move around.  what a skill that was!   i remember lying back, closing my eyes and feeling my head spin.  then jumping off and trying to walk, but being too dizzy.  SO MUCH FUN:)   and life just wouldn't be complete without the memory of somebody screaming to get off and then puking their guts out.  oh, that was really cool!!!    yeah, they're missing out:)

there you have it...my 5 words.
my pathetically obvious example of wasting time:)
oh well...fun for a change.


  1. I have the beautiful but rotten teeth. I get compliments on my teeth, but people have no idea how many thousands of dollars I've spent on them. Not for something exciting, like bonding, but for root canals and crowns! I didn't even need braces, but I have at least one cavity every time I go to the dentist.

  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!


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