Monday, June 18, 2012

hidden gifts......

you know, we often go through life
seeing the obvious in others.
their occupation, hobbies, style.......
but what about those hidden talents that we might never see?

well, my girl, miss jordan, has some hidden talents/gifts,
as i'm sure we all do.
this past weekend,
i learned of a new one and was totally shocked!

she has the hidden talent for drawing henna type
yep, you're reading this correctly.
jordan and taylor love pinterest like their mama,
and came across a henna tattoo on some girls foot.
jordan of many hidden gifts said
"i can do that"!
and that's exactly what she did.
(but using a pen rather than henna:)
take a look.......

now, i don't know about you,
but i think these are amazingly cool!
temporary only, of course.
but cool:)
 my daughter the tattoo artist.

haha.....go figure! 
(okay, not really.....she has bigger plans)

and by the way, those lovely feet belong to a 
 so please understand the bunions and bruised toenails.
that's what happens when you stand on your toes every day:)

another hidden gift that she has and one that so many others share,
is that she has a heart for volunteering.
she loves helping others.
she is beginning her hospice volunteering this week.
this came about partly from when her grandpa was in the hospital.
she visited, and quickly realized that there are SO many hurting people
in the world who need a smile to brighten their day,
or a beautiful girl to hold their hand when they need it.
her duties won't be much more than that,
other than delivering food trays, 
but she looks forward to sharing her smiles.
p.s.  she will also be helping hospice in other community activities.
in fact, she just received a call to work all day tomorrow (9-4)
doing face painting for underprivileged children in a nearby community
in great need of community help.
hey...her tattoo experience might come in handy!

and there's more.......
she has raised $3,000.00 in the past year for MS.
she did this by doing a swim for MS last summer
 and walkathons. 
in fact, she was in the top 20 fundraisers for MS in our area.
my girl:)

she is always willing to help,
so when she was working out at the club this weekend, 
she saw a certain young man.
 a special autistic young man that everyone
at the gym looks out for.
well, this weekend his parents were there.
and she struck up a conversation with them after she worked out.
(she can talk to ANYBODY!  both my girls can. and i LOVE that!)
long story short,
she will be playing tennis with him once a week, because he loves tennis, 
but doesn't have anyone to hit with.
he does now.
my jordan!

that's her.......a once in a lifetime kind of girl!
i edited this photo with that quote because it is her!
actually, i made another one.
using a photo of her much loved cowboy boots,
i changed the quote up a bit and made one for all the 
young men out there!
one in a million girl with hidden talents.

how about you?
have any hidden talents?
any desire to make them "unhidden" and
share them with the world?
hope so!
happy monday!


  1. Well judging by the amount of tattos I see latley she should be employed for a long time:) Seriously Jordan, you must have such a steady hand! Beautiful work....who knew?

    love Aunt KathyK

  2. What a wonderful daughter you have caring and giving.


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