Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015........It's Here! What are you going to do with it?

Happy 2015!
Time for the million dollar question......
Did you make a New Year's Resolution?
Maybe the question should be, what IS a New Year's Resolution?

Well, the official definition is this
New Year's Resolution: a commitment that an individual makes at New Year's Day
 I'll be honest.
I haven't made resolutions for years.
I think they're stupid.
And for many of us, they quickly lead to discouragement.
But then I realized I may be going about this all wrong.
I say things like "I'm going to lose weight."
Or "I'm going to exercise every day."
Who am I kidding?
Maybe I simply need to say "I would like to lose 15 lbs."
Then when I do, maybe I'll want to lose more.
Or "I would like to exercise more, so every other night I am going to
leave my exercise clothes handy to put on first thing in the morning."
These aren't really resolutions, they are more like game plans.
I could say "I'll make my bed first thing every morning:)"
Resolutions sound like "resolve", which sounds like "if you screw up, there goes another year down the tube."
When that IS NOT what this is about, I'm positive of that.
So this year I am making them, but my way.  
I'm putting the two above on my list.
And a few others.
Such as........
~ I would like to spend time with my extended family.  
Something I have been EXTREMELY
negligent about, but I would like to fix that throughout the year.
~ I would like to cultivate my friendships and possibly make a few new friends.
Friends I don't have to see, but would like to spend time with.
Chatting, drinking coffee, laughing.......being a friend.
~ I would like to eat healthier.  Less sugar.  MUCH less sugar.
Stuff like that.  Not to lose weight, but to feel better.
~ I would like to have a few outfits for each season that I can put on at
a moment's have lunch with a friend
shop in a nice store, go to dinner with my husband.......
~  I want to entertain more.  
It seems as if it's all about "going out to dinner", 
and I love that as much as the next person.
But this year, I hope to open the doors to my lovely home a bit more often.
~ I would like to take a "girl's trip" with my two favorite girls in the whole world.
We used to do this......and it's a good time to start up again.  
We're thinking Texas for the Roundtop Antiques Fair.
Yep, you can call me Rachel Ashwell if you like;)
~ I would like to work on saying no if I need to and not feel guilty.
Also, taking those lazy days in stride when I can't seem to get moving.
~ I like to be happy.  Who doesn't.
But I often let the little details of the day steal my happiness, so for 2015,
I want to be genuinely HAPPY.
Totally, absolutely, crazy, stinkin happy.
That's me.
I hope:)
~ I'm going to try to be more organized.
I NEED to be more organized.
But I have a problem that seems to make this a REALLY difficult task some days.
I hope I don't miss anything important, but I vow to not be so hard on myself
when this happens.
~ I love having a blog, but you wouldn't know by how little I post.
This year, I hope to change that.
Hope.  I HOPE to change that.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't........but I do hope so.
So there you go.
My Resolutions for 2015.
Notice I didn't say "New Year's" resolution.
I personally think we set ourselves up for disaster by starting this on a Holiday.
But that's just me:)

Okay my friends,
There's my two cents worth on the subject.
It's taken me 50 years to figure this out.
And I'm STILL not sure I have.
But that's ok.
I think this will work for me.

I would like to wish y'all a very HAPPY new year.
The bright, sparkly, shiny kind of new year.
You deserve that.  Me too. i'm sure of it:)
God Bless!

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