Friday, January 2, 2015

Stuff I Want To Read in 2015.......

Well, it's January 2, 2015.........
Day 2 of the New Year and Day 2 of my blog every day challenge:)
Today I am supposed to write about what I want to read in 2015.
Hmmmmmmm.........Since I didn't read much in 2014,
you'd think I had a long list.
However, I am so out of the loop in reading circles, it isn't all that long.
Maybe I'll add to it throughout the year.
That way I could "review" a book I have read while adding to my list.
I think I'll give it a try........
"try" being the key word.
A few things you should know about me.........
At 50 years old,
I can read what I want and do not need to impress anyone.
My taste is quite simple........
~Light, entertaining, engrossing, with rich characters.
~If it's a DIY type of book, I need it to be clear, informative and have pictures!
~I like books that are inspiring, encouraging, positive and motivate me.
~Southern stories, with funny, quirky, witty southern women, full of "Southernisms" are some of my favorites.
~I also love forensic/criminal minds types of shows so suspense books
 in that genre are favorites also.
~I do not like trashy books and definitely no vulgar language.  Just not my style.
~I enjoy learning something new but I don't like a book that is too technical.
Remember.....keep it simple for this girl;)
~I'm in awe of those who have faced and/or overcome struggles in life.
~I like books I can read anywhere, and if I need to put them down for a day or three,
 I'm not totally lost when I start back up again.
You may absolutely hate my choices or laugh your head off at them.
I haven't read these so if I start one and it is bad, I'll stop.
(Besides the Bible, which is really the book I hope to read more of in 2015:)
Okay, here goes.........
Stuff I Want To Read in 2015
1.   The book I just started is You Can, You WILL by Joel Osteen.
Positive, encouraging and motivating.
A reminder that as a child of God, He wants me to be a winner.

2.  An Absent Mind 
About a man and his family fighting the race against time.
Time being swallowed up by the rapid onset of Alzheimers, and how it affects a family.
Reminds me of Still Alice by Lisa Genova, a book I really enjoyed.

3.  Speaking of Lisa Genova, I give you her newer book Left Neglected.
Th story of a vibrant woman......wife, mother,friend who is in a tragic car accident leaving her with a traumatic brain disorder that changes everything.

4.  Grain Brain
Whether you buy into his eating plan of being wary of wheat, grains and sugar, he does offer useful tips and really valid arguments.  And as someone with MS, I have to pay attention to these findings and possibly adapt at least a few in my life.

Described as "funny, smart, entertaining, irresistible and a perfect beach read."  
I might give it a try this summer.  

6.  And while we're on the subject, Over 50, Overweight and Out of Breath.
Looks like a fun read while getting fit.

Five women in a book club, facing changes and all that comes with life.
Sounds like a winner!

Funny story about five southern women, red hat ladies, facing the marriage of one of their an inappropriate groom.  And they will NOT let that happen:)

Southern Belles who get together for a breakfast club.
Chick lit, heart warming and funny:)

10.   Firefly...a psychological suspense.

11.  Chasing Daylight is about an incredibly successful CEO who is diagnosed with brain cancer.
He writes this book in 3 1/2 months until he passes away, describing how his terminal illness transformed his life, relationships.....  Can't wait to read this!

On January 25, 1943, the day of a planned escape from Nazi Germany, 22-year-old Margot Bendheim learns that the Gestapo has just picked up her brother and mother. Her mother manages to leave her a message, "Try to make your life." This is Margot's award winning story...written when she was 88 years old.  Another one I can't wait to read.  What these beautiful people suffered is unfathomable.

Lara Spencer from GMA is a flea market maniac.....
and she shows you how to score great stuff!

14.  I'm a HUGE fan of Alexandra Stoddard, and these are two books I have yet to read:)
"In today's fast-paced world, as we juggle family responsibilities, jobs, and social obligations, we seem to be missing out on what we fundamentally crave: a calmer, gentler, sweeter, and more gracious life. In Gracious Living in a New World, Alexandra Stoddard offers a rich assortment of ideas for achieving a gracious lifestyle. "

15.  Open Your Eyes.....1,001 Simple Ways to Bring Beauty into Your Home 
and Everyday Life.
 Alexandra helps you become more attuned to your surroundings-as you set a table, straighten out a linen closet, stroll through a garden, or browse in a thrift shop. Then, through personal anecdotes; examples from masters; a rich array of ideas, tips, and techniques, she reveals hundreds of ways to see and solve problems or proportion, pattern, color, and composition. Her simple suggestions-whether it's changing a lampshade, rearranging treasured objects on a table, or moving a chair-will yield dramatic results.
and finally.......

Warren St. John seeks out the roving community of RVers who follow the Alabama Crimson Tide from game to game across the South. A movable feast of Weber grills, Igloo coolers, and die-hard superstition, these are characters who arrive on Wednesday for Saturday’s game: Freeman and Betty Reese, who skipped their own daughter’s wedding because it coincided with a Bama game; Ray Pradat, the Episcopalian minister who watches the games on a television set beside his altar while performing weddings; John Ed (pronounced as three syllables, John Ay-ud), the wheeling and dealing ticket scalper whose access to good seats gives him power on par with the governor and many more.
And win or lose......Roll Tide

Well, that's about it.  
Once again, use your own judgement if you choose to read one of these.
Wish me Luck!!!  I really hope to read more in 2015.
And I hope on Day 2 of 2015, you're still having a good year:)


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