Monday, January 12, 2015

Questions and Answers on Goals, Change, Aging and Style.......

We have a really gray, rainy Monday going on,
which suits me just fine.
I've worked hard organizing a few rooms lately and just feel tired.
And lazy.
So on this dreary Monday, 
a blog post might be the most ambitious thing I do:)

My blog challenge topic today is to answer a few questions, so here goes.......
Question #1.  What is your #1 goal this year?
have less stuff and more adventures...a great goal
Goal for 2015
I didn't mention this earlier because I only just thought about it.
 And by "adventures", they don't have to be BIG to be an adventure.

Question #2.  What is your philosophy on aging?
Well, I believe it is part of life.  We can fight it or figure out how to make the best of it.
Some days I believe this more than others, but basically, that's it.
I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to enjoy life in the coming years
and be useful and happy.  Worth thinking about, right?
Re: looks......I have my crappy days for sure,
but overall, I would like to think I don't go crazy fighting the process.
Laugh em!
Wrinkles from the sun?
Yes.  Wish I didn't have so many and that I wouldn't continue getting them,
but for much of my life I worked HARD for that tan. 
Like I said to my girls when they were younger,  (Sometimes I still say it:)
"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit".
I asked for that tan and therefore these wrinkles.
At least I enjoyed getting them.

I love Jamie Lee Curtis' thoughts on aging.
Jamie Lee Curtis on AgingJamie Lee Curtis on Aging
I like her look too.......especially her hair!

Question #3.  Can people change?
I believe they can.  I believe I have.  In many ways.
I believe there are aspects of us that must change the longer
 we live and the more we learn.
I believe we need change in the world and we need to be open to change sometimes,
because it will happen.
But I also believe some people can't.  Or rather, won't.
Whether they are conceited enough to think they don't need to, or just
plain stubborn enough to refuse to, some people will never change.
We all know people like this.
Which is why I BEG my girls not to marry someone, thinking they will
change them.  Better know it's just not gonna happen.
It may for awhile, and you may get that special person who does,
but it's too much of a gamble when talking about marriage.
Changing others
Good way to look at it.......
Sometimes this is the truth.

 Question #4.  What is your favorite accessory?
This one's easy!  My daughter is a "Stylist" at Michael Kors Lifestyle Store.
(that's what they call sales associates:)
Anyway, I've always liked his bags but I have since come to LOVE his watches.

I love Michael Kors watches
Before this, my favorite accessories would have been bracelets, 
but now I have to say watches.
They're a good look for me and quite reasonable.
What I REALLY love is that he likes mixing metals.......I do too.
And he believes in layering bracelets with the watch.........I do too.

So we are a perfect fit:)

Have a great day!!!!

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