Friday, January 23, 2015

Made With Love....Simple Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts and Decorating

When my girls were younger,
we had barely put Christmas decorations away
before we started decorating for Valentine's Day.  
Hearts were everywhere, and we were already thinking of
what Valentines to make and what would be on our 
Pink and Red Menu for Valentine's Day.

The past few years we've kinda let it go.
Life just got more busy, you know?
Until a few days ago, when my 12 year old niece Macy
wrote to show us pictures of how she had decorated her room.
I think she did an AMAZING job!
She finished by asking how we were decorating this year.
Ummmmm..........well,  I wasn't sure if we were.
UNTIL that email from her.
Until I was inspired by a young girl's festive spirit.
So I went online and I walked around the house,
 looking for ideas.
I found a few things I had made and tweaked them a bit
to make them work for Valentine's Day, either as a
decoration or as a small gift.
See what you think........
Valentine's Gifts to Make

1.  Candy hearts look adorable in a Mason Jar pedestal.  At least I think so.......
but then, I love these candies so I would think they look great in ANYTHING!
And these are really easy to make, using a mason jar, candlestick and E6000 glue.

2.  Painted Mason Jars and Milk Bottles hold anything you can think of,
and would be a beautiful way to hold flowers, candy or special messages.

3.  Bejeweled Mini Mason Jars.......Strips of lace or burlap glued around a jar, embellished with a jewel and/or flower.  These look cute gathered on a table top and make
AWESOME gift containers!  No wrapping necessary:)

4.  Heart Garland.......dollar store craft!  

5.  Heart Pencil Toppers........Again, the wire and pencils were bought at the dollar store.
Simply twist a piece of the wire into a heart shape and wrap on the pencil tops.
These heart toppers are also fabulous on a longer stick and used as bubble blowers!  

Thank you Macy!
Without the inspiration from you, we might've been lazy and let this Holiday slip by:)

A few other decorations I found were these:
A heart wreath.......paper hearts glued on a wreath or any round form.
Paper heart wreath

 Pom Pom Monsters!
How cute are these?  Pretty dang cute if you ask me:)
Pom-Pom Monsters

Heart Rag Wreath!  Super cute and EASY!

Yarn wrapped letters or hearts.  This is such a simple project that
will be a real eye catcher!

Well, why NOT a heart tree?  
You could write little messages on them or leave as is.........
cute either way!
  Remember the heart garland I mentioned above?
You could tie them on branches outside.  Awesome!

Alrighty then, I think that's about it.
Check back soon.......I have other ideas to pass on but didn't want
 to bombard anyone:)


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  1. Loved Macy's room and your decorating too!

    Love Kathyk


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