Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fashion and Make-up Tips From Mom...........

Well, I missed a few days of the blog every day challenge
so we need to catch up this week:)
The topic for this post is "what are some tips your mom gave you?"
Like everyone else, I could say the obvious ones.......
Read your Bible, go to church, be honest, pay off your credit cards..........
very good advice, right?
But as I was making a list, I found a trend.
The ones that seemed to keep popping up were tips having to do with
make-up and style/fashion.
So I thought, keep it light.  Nobody needs a life lecture.
And it's not like ANY of these are important.  But a little goes a long way, you know?
And she had 4 daughters, so it was in her best interest to pay attention to us.
(Although how she ever let me leave the house in my shimmery bright blue eyeshadow phase, or wear orange high top tennis shoes to church,
I'll never know:) LOL

* * * Please know, she is not vain. My Mom was never some DiIVA, creating mini divas.  We just used to read a lot of magazines and play with make-up:) 
 Appearance is not everything and she would be the first to say it doesn't matter how someone looks.  She would say "I need to figure out what to do with my OWN face",  if you asked her, but that's not true.  She's figured it out, very nicely!!  

Actually, it cracks me up writing this because I realize I am the same with my girls.
I mean, slap a bit of lipstick on before running out to the store, you know?
They don't always listen, just as I didn't always listen.
And it was/is not all the time.
But I bet someday, they will remember some little tips I passed on that
my mom also said to me.
At least, I hope! lol

 In no particular order, here are some of the "gems" she passed on.........
Unfortunately, I was great about some and not others..........
and yes, she was right!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Make-up Tips
-wear sunscreen everyday, even if it's in your moisturizer or foundation.
Nope...didn't follow that one.  And now I pay.  Or as Jamie Lee Curtis said in Freaky Friday,
"I Look Like The Crypt Keeper"

 -always wash your makeup off before going to sleep. 
-if your face breaks out, don't pick at it:)
-you do NOT need to pay a lot for cosmetics or skin lotion.
I happen to agree with this one.  My Grandma had AMAZING skin using Oil of Olay, and my mom and I love cleaning our face with Pond's Cold Cream:)
-do your makeup in natural light.....and make sure your blush is even.
-  Apply lipstick then blot your lips with a tissue. A few times.  ALWAYS.
-Wear makeup but blend, blend, BLEND.
-Black eyeliner rimming the eye entirely looks harsh.  
-don't scowl.......it makes bad lines.
--use a natural, matte blush.
 We always use a cool pink/warm peach/touch of brown shade.
The intensity depends on your skin tone.  Got it? :)  lol
(M.A.C Desert Rose is a great blush!)
-brown eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow.
-wear your make-up.......don't let the make-up wear you:)

Fashion/Style Tips:
-if something you are buying is damaged in the least, ask for a discount.
she was way better at this than I am.
-when in doubt,wear something black.

-Remember slips?  Her rule was if you can see through a dress/skirt in the sunlight, you MUST wear a slip.  
We would stand in the living room and look in
the big mirror with the light from the picture window shining in, 
to see if a dress was too sheer. Now, I have to confess that we do not wear slips, but
I do shop with the thought in mind that I don't want a skirt too sheer. And we would NEVER have been allowed to try this!
-If you're gonna pierce your ears, wear earrings, even tiny ones at all times. 
 Nobody wants to see an empty hole and you don't want it to close up.
-"It's all about that bling, bout that bling.....:) "Got a plain top or jacket?  Embellish it.
Bling, Bling, BLING!

Well that's it.......... fashion and make-up tips from mom.
Catch you next time!


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