Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Words...


I thought I would try a little something I saw at my friend Trudy's blog called 5 words. Since I have been good about posting pictures but terrible about writing, I thought this might be kind of fun. Trudy gets to pick 5 words out of thin air and those are the 5 I write something about. I emailed Trudy to get my five words and these were what she sent...

~Notebook: Good one for me today since I am once again on a notebook kick. I am getting ready to paint on Thursday so I pulled out my decorating idea notebook to make sure I was on the right track. Does anyone else have one of these? I put pictures and articles in it whenever something really catches my eye. I don't always keep every magazine so this helps with clutter. If I see a color I like, or a set of idea for Holiday all goes in my notebook. I also have about 7 others around the house to help me keep organized in other areas, yet I am the most disorganzied person I know. 7 notebooks???? No wonder:-)

~Army: Hmmm...this is a tough one for me. First the obvious...which is that we should pray for and be thankful for every single person serving in the Army or any armed forces
every single day. On to the not so obvious...every year we fill boxes for Operation Soldier. It is one of the neatest things we do as a family and my girls love shopping for their soldiers. It is similar to Operation Shoebox which is for children and is equally important. We usually do both as they are such a blessing to those receiving them and a simple way to share what we have. I highly recommend it!

~Red: Oh my gosh, this is an easy one, right? I could write for days on how much I love things that are red, like red velvet cake! In fact, my girls recently saw a recipe on Bakerella for red velvet cake balls dipped in chocolate. My husband and I went to the beach for the sunset on Friday night and came home to them...YUM!!! No...I am not kidding and yes...they were amazing!:-) But do you know what I really thought of when I saw the word red? This morning, I saw an article in the news about Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards. (Yes, him) It said she was opening a furniture store called The Red Door, something she had been wanting to do along with her mother. Good for her! I hope she gets many days of joy with this new store. As for him, and I know we are not to judge, so I won't...Ugghhhhh!!!!! I'm not judging here...but he does make my skin crawl. Pretty low is all I can say! I just had to throw that in there as the word "red" made me see just a little red. One more thing I like about red...mix it with a bit of white and you get...PINK...and I love pink:-)

~Button: Oh my gosh...if only I had known 20 years ago that I would love vintage buttons so much. Now, I am on an eternal quest for them but I am always one step or one bid behind everyone else. I have managed to nab a few little button gems though and they are awesome. If I had a fashion line, I would sew buttons like a crazy person. My favorite sweater and one I will never get rid of is a simple little sandy beige 3/4 sleeve sweater I bought at Anthropologie about 10 years ago, at least. The front of it is covered in different pearly buttons and it is so cute and unique. I went through a button phase where I sewed buttons all over the pockets and hems of my daughters jeans, as well as made button bouquets. I love buying a simple sweater and replacing the plain buttons with pretty ones. I love me some pretty buttons:-)

~Happiness: Uh-oh...this is the one where Trudy would write something so beautiful and profound...and I'm sitting here thinking how my dogs make me happy. I have to do better than that though, don't I? (although I LOVE those crazy dogs, let me tell you:-) And don't even get me started on how happy I feel when I find something awesome at a thrift store, or how happy I feel listening to Christmas carols. But then I remembered a devotion I read awhile back that said there is a huge difference between happiness and joy. Happiness IS those puppy kisses, childhood moments and holiday memories. It is a homemade card on Mother's Day and cheering your favorite football team. But joy is so much more and is all about your relationship with God, your relationship with his Son and your relationships with others. So on that note, don't worry, be happy...and more importantly, be joyful!:-)

If you would like to play Five Words, email me and I will send you your 5 words.
I forgot to mention one other thing that makes me happy...cider and donuts in the Fall...

Mmm Good!!!


  1. I love this post did an awesome job with the words! Very creative and fun!

  2. Great post. I'm totally with you on the dogs and the donuts and cider, too, for that matter. :)

  3. I think I might rival you for your title of the most disorganized person in existence. ;)

    I've only had cider and donuts once at a pumpkin farm years ago but wow, it was good!

    And I agree wholeheartedly about happiness and joy!

  4. i love little notebooks too - i have scrappy ones and ideas for decorating ones and craft ideas for the kids. i even have a frankenstein one in my purse LOL! i like mine in all shapes, sizes and colors :D

    send me five words, i'll play :D

  5. Hi Suzanne, I want to play the 5 words game. So send me some good ones! :) Mollye

  6. 7 notebooks???? i hv no doubt what an organized mama you are!

  7. Well I'm suppose to be wishing you a happy Pink Sat... but I'm scrolling down and love what I see. That "dream dresser" is sooooo perfect. Did you find a bench/stool yet? I'm sure you have.
    Your girls are gorgeous and your fur babies are precious. I have 6 which most are senior rescues.
    I think I might like you to send me 5 words... It's the first time I see this meme.
    Cider and donuts.. yum yum
    Love Claudie from Canada
    Going to check our your shop.


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