Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For Macy...

My niece Kim told me that little Macy is starting first grade today. For those of you with children, you know that once they start the "number" years, it seems they just fly by one after another. Kim is happy and sad today and I totally understand that. She has two girls like I do and she loves nothing more than to be their mommy. I understand that too!:-) I found this poem that is very sweet and is a perfect reminder to enjoy the little moments in your child's life.

As My Daughter Grows Up

Life is fleeting, years rush past...
and little girls grow up so fast!
Let me take time out to be
glad that mine's still here with me.
And though I'm busy through the day,
let me take time out to play...
Let me take time out to smile,
to linger with her for a while...
To invite her under the table for tea
and dress up silly as can be.
Let me take time out to sing
and dance and skip
and twirl and swing...
To splash in puddles when it rains
and make her fancy daisy chains.
Let me take time out to hear
about the things that she holds dear.
Let me tuck her in at night,
hear her prayers, turn off the light.
And for one more moment let me pray
and thank God that we shared this day!

Happy first day of school Macy!


  1. love the poem, one of my girls just turned 3 and it is a good reminder to play now :D

  2. What a beautiful poem. My time with my daughter(and sons)before she left home seemed to go by in a flash. I'm forwarding it to her, she has a 6 yr. old daughter and we just found out she is expecting in April. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. My girls (grades 5 and 3) had their first day of school today. You are so right...time is flyng! I love this poem, even brought a tear to my sappy eye. Thanks for sharing. XO

  4. That is a wonderful poem! I didn't think I would be partial but I want a baby girl so badly...God is going to have to work with me on that one over the next 7-8 months!


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