Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Love Vintage Brooches!

Look at these gorgeous brooches!

Oh my gosh...this would be a jackpot for me!
These are my favorite accessories, hands down. They don't have to be true vintage, either. "Vintage-like" can be just as pretty:-) I recently won a few on ebay and can't wait for them to arrive.
Anyway, this is one of my current favorites. It has a vintage look and it can be used in so many ways...dressed up or down.

For a sneak peek at one of our store items, here is the pin attached to some pretty pearl bracelets. This is actually our favorite way to wear them.

Add a chain and voila...a lovely necklace.

My daughters love to wear pins on their jeans...around the pocket and sometimes down by the hem.

They also add a unique touch to purses, scarves and coats.

I think the coolest way to wear them is in unexpected ways so wearing them with a jean jacket would be a great touch. Or how about a crystal brooch on the side of a cute baseball hat?

Another beautiful way to wear them is to attach them to strands of pearls.

Pretty, pretty!

And what clever and creative person thought to attach them to drawer knobs. Is this amazing or what?????

So go ahead...dig in your jewelry box (or your grandma's) find those pretty pins and wear 'em well!


  1. I never would have thought to use those little vintage pieces in all those wonderful ways. Great post!

  2. Never did I think of using brooches in those ways. I still have in my mind that they're old fashioned grandma jewels.

    You've totally changed my mind!

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! As aQUEEN, myself...I need one of these! Following from Mommy Bloggers!!!


  4. Wow! Such great ideas! Gorgeous! Thanks - I would have never thought to do this!

  5. Oh I just love all the bling in the first photo, yes please.

  6. love the new place girl!! :) I use to wear brooches all the time in highschool! I will have to get them out again and see what I can do :)

  7. Those are definitely gorgeous brooches! I also share your love for them. I have tons of my grandmother's brooches, which are absolutely gorgeous and I wear them all! I love the idea of putting one on your purse, I never would have thought about that!

  8. I love them! My favorite is the one on the pearls, so girly!

  9. Thanks for the great ideas for new ways to wear my brooches. Love them!!!


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