Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Pink Saturday...and we're going to a Pink Wedding!

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!!!

I'm a little late with this post...well, it is only 9:07 a.m...but I must have messed up my auto post:-)
Anyway, on to Pink Saturday. First, some important business...
A BIG thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday. She is amazing, her blog is amazing...check it out and join in next week.
She also gave us a challenge to find a new blog we love and share it with you. Rather than tuck this at the end of my post, I want to put it front and center so you will all check out my fabulous new find. Her name is Kathy and her blog is Sweet Up North Mornings...A Creative Oasis...and that it is, my friends! Click on the link and meet Kathy!

Okay, on to my Pink Saturday. I was thinking, if I were to get married all over again, it very well might look like this...that is, if my husband would still marry me after seeing the plans!:-) See what you think...

...a pink diamond for me??? Of course I will marry a man with such wonderful taste...

...but only if we can get married here...

...and I can carry these flowers

...and wear this dress

...we will need our reception to look like this

...and what pink wedding would be complete without a pink cake

What is that you're worried about what your friends will think??? Not to worry...I'm the only one you need to make happy from here on, isn't that what they say? hahaha

Hope you liked the pink wedding on Pink Saturday!
Don't forget to visit the others, too!


  1. Hi Suzanne This was fun and playful. Just the way to start a Saturday! Also my first Pink Saturday so come by and visit. Pinky Hugs, Mollye

  2. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Suzanne! What a pretty pink post! I did get married in pink. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Gorgeous and I want a slice of cake.

  4. Welcome to Pink Saturday.....I'd LOVE to attend your wedding--it reminds me of the wedding colors in the film Steel Magnolias!
    I like your blog; I signed up to follow you.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Welcome to your first pink saturday. Everything looks gorgeous for a pink wedding!

    Happy pink saturday!

    Elena :)

  6. loving all the pink, esp the cake, but worry that i couldn't pull off a pink wedding dress ;)

  7. L♥ve your pink goodies this week. Just when I think I have enough pink in my life I participate in Pink Saturday and see even more sweet things I’d enjoy having in my home or flowers for my gardens or just to look at☺ What could be better than the color pink dancing in your head all morning?

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping your weekend is filled with sunshine and the comfort of those you love and who love you.

  8. Please say I can I be one of your brides maids!!
    I could so have everything you shared, including the ring....I wonder if Viggo Mortenson is still available....Oh, yeah, I am ALREADY married.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday!
    What an excellent post!
    If I could do it over again, I'd have a pink wedding!!
    Have a beautiful day, Mary :)

  10. ooooo, i love the pink wedding dress, hope you have a wonderful weekend

    What a wonderful post and a beautiful wedding! It is the perfect wedding, in my mind and ohhhhh, the pink diamond!

  12. I just love this post, I love weddings, and a pink one is perfect. I mentioned you and your lovely blog on my pink saturday post today.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  13. Wouldn't this be beautiful I think you'd be hard pressed to find a man to go along with the all pink theme. You could always try! Your blog is wonderful, I added myself to your followers list and will be back.

    Welcome to Pink Saturday and have a loveleigh weekend!

  14. ADORABLE!!! I would love to go to a pink wedding! It might as well be yours! THanks for the invitation. LOL Love it! Becs

  15. Ahhh, what a beautiful wedding that would be!..Thanks for a great Pink Saturday post!

  16. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday.
    Your blog is wonderful.
    Happy weekend.

  17. Such a lovely wedding of Pink! Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely pink post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  19. I love the Pink Dress that would be so cool to get married in. Thank YOu for sharing your Pinks!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. Hi, Suzanne,
    I loved your perfectly pink post today! That pink wedding looks like a dream wedding to me and just my style! Welcome to Pink Saturday! Come and visit me at Bunny Cottage when you have the opportunity. Vicki

  21. The dress the cake , the reception everything looks gorgeous. If you find the man who would agree to that wedding and not care what his friends might think, he's a keeper.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Happy Pink Saturday. Welcome.... I would go for a pink wedding if I had to do it all over again. Simply Beautiful.
    Fall is in the air here today. The high today is 58 and the low is going to get down in the 30's Time to bring in some firewood.
    Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

  23. Welcome Suzanne too Pink Saturday;
    I just love your blog,, and what a lovely Wedding that would be... Makes me want to get married to my honey bunny again... all in Pink.... have a great weekend.


  24. Hi Suzanne! Welcome to Pink Saturday! I'm with you - I'd go with the "pinkest" wedding I could have. I love all of your choices, especially the reception spread. Have a great weekend.

  25. Hi Suzanne,
    The first Pink Saturday is the best!! Welcome!
    I love the pink wedding, but more than that, I love the white Wed. post - oh my don't those goodies look delicious!! (I just made a strawberry tiramisu that I practically finished by myself - it looked a lot like the one in your picture - soooo yummy!!)
    Anyway, glad I stopped by, hope you'll come see me sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  26. Congratulations on your Beautiful Pink Wedding on your First Pink Saturday! My first as well, hope you'll have time to drop by CollectIn Texas Gal...Sue

  27. How beautiful - especially the Pink wedding table setting. Happy Pink Saturday to you.

  28. Popping in from MBC!
    Following you now!

    OMG! I'm not really a pink lover but everything looks fabulous!

  29. Welcome, the perfect pink wedding.
    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  30. I want to be invited!!!!!!! Love your blog. Happy Pink Saturday.

  31. Oh Suzanne, just beautiful honey. I so loved your wedding. Loved the dress and the flowers, and it was such a delightful reception. Loved all the pinks. Thanks for the invite, and I am so thrilled I was able to make it. I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see where you take us next time. Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you. I would love to have you follow my blog as well. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  32. Happy Pink Saturday! I love your wedding ideas, so very pretty! x

  33. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Suzanne.

    I would love coming to your gorgeous pink wedding. That cake is wow!

    And, certainly he would marry you. ;-)

  34. I'm not a big pink person but I love that diamond.

  35. What a great fantasy! Welcome to PS, you'll love this great group!

    If you have the time, please stop by The Old Parsonage...I love company!

    Enjoy you day!

  36. I love all this pink wedding plans,just perfect.Happy pink sat and welcome.Stop by my blog when you have time.Hugs,Jen

  37. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday! You did a splendid job and I'd love to go to a wedding where everything is pink! What a dream!

    Thanks for sharing and hope you had a fabulous Pink Saturday!


  38. i absolutely love and adore pink saturday!

    totally cool!

  39. Cool! I don't know if my husband would have been up for a pink wedding, but it sure looks like it would have been gorgeous!

  40. Oh my, it's all so gorgeous. I could do that again, just like that. Pretty post. Welcome and please forgive my tardiness in wishing you a very Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  41. i really want a slice of the wedding cake!
    everything looks gorgeous!

  42. Oh, what a cake!! I absolutely LOVE it!! The pink, of course, but also the beautiful flower details...*sigh* Thanks for sharing!

    And btw, if you swing by the blog and scroll down a few posts, you could win a set of miniature cards. And maybe drool over some sweet colors, too! It's titled {Eye Candy of the Paper Variety}. =)

  43. Ohhh...i need to talk my future daughter in law into a pink wedding!

  44. I definitely want to come to your pink wedding!


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