Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you...

...on September 11?

I saw this question posted on another blog, the fairyblogmother and thought I would ask the same question on mine. I'll tell you what I was doing when I first heard and if you like, leave a comment or answer on your own blog.

I was shopping with little Jordie after dropping Taylor off at school...our usual routine:-) We were at one of my favorite little shops called "My Paris Apartment". I was holding a hand painted sign that read "La vie est belle" which means basically "life is beautiful" and debating whether or not to buy it for Taylor's bedroom. It was so sweet and pretty but did I really need it?

My phone rang and it was my friend Belinda asking me if I was watching the TV. I told her no, I was out shopping. She told me what had happened and that I should go home right away and turn on the news. I kept saying "What do you mean a plane crashed into the Twin Towers?" She kept saying it wasn't an accident. What???? I just couldn't believe what she was saying.

I knew I needed to get right home but then I looked down at that little sign in my hands and knew that on a day that was sure to be filled with tragic news, I was meant to buy this sign reminding me that there is beauty in life after all. I paid for the sign and got home as soon as possible. (To this day, it hangs in Taylor's room and I will keep it always.) I turned the TV on just in time to see the first tower crumbling down. I was was such a surreal moment. I remember thinking that it couldn't really be happening. I think the rest of the day, I sat glued to the TV like everyone else, tears pouring down my face and praying for all of those people and their families.

This is not and never will be a blog about politics but I personally felt very reassured by the words President Bush spoke during this time.

A few years later, we had new neighbors move in next door. I will never have neighbors as wonderful as them for the rest of my life, I'm sure of that. I knew that Jim was kind of nervous about things, such as preparing for hurricanes. He boarded up and got his family out of town before waiting to see if it was even going to hit. I knew he would never fly on an airplane and that he went to mass before work every single morning without fail. I later found out that Jim worked in the WTC and was late that day because he missed his train. He never again took another day for granted.

What about you? Where were you and what were you doing on Sept. 11th?


  1. I was watching the Today show when I heard the news and then saw the second plane hit live as I watched. I was glued to the tv from that morning until I went to bed that night. It was the most horrific day in my lifetime.

  2. I was in high school when it happened. I was in my first period class. It came across the loud speaker and our teacher immediately turned the news on. We watched for a bit even saw the second plane hit and the buildings collapse, then were talking about it because we were in our history class. My first period class got extended so we could watch the coverage. Most of the day was a very easy work day, some kids went home early. Some were stressed out all day for having relatives in New York.
    It was something I'll never forget. We live 1600 miles away and it felt like it happened next door.

  3. i was working in a lab...saw it with colleagues...

    i was just 1 month old immigrant in was shocking..


  4. I was home when I got the call from my sister to turn on the television. I sat in disbelief as the second plane hit the second tower. Then later we heard about the Pentagon and Pennsylvania...I thought it was a nightmare. I'll never forget that day...our president did his best to protect us from another attack. I pray we will continue to be safe from such evil in the future.

  5. I was working for the Pepsi Co. I just got breakfast and was sitting at my desk when a co-worker came frantically running into the office crying, telling us what she heard on the radio. Her husband was also down in the city working and she could not get in touch with him. Thankfully he was fine as well as my sister who worked for the Presbyterian Hospital down there. Can't belive that was 8 years ago!

  6. i was actually in a concert when i was still living in hk. my beeper (yes, it was beeper's age) was beeping me about the news. i read it and i just totally lost my mood to finish the concert. i went home right away to watch news on tv.

    following you from MBC. :)

  7. I was working for IBM in London and we were all just back from lunch. We saw live images from the the big screen in the auditorium. I'd received an invite from friends that very morning to visit them in NYC - I did, in November 2001, and am so very glad I did.
    I stopped by during Pink Saturday, do hope you'll stop by suburbia.

  8. I was in my classroom when our counselor's secretary came to my door with this very sad look on her face. She was the first to tell me the news. At that point, time seemed to stand still. My daughter lost a good friend in the AA plane that crashed into the WTC. She was one of the flight young. I appreciate your post.
    Host of Crock Pot Wednesday

  9. I was living in Palm Springs, California and we were sleeping when a East Coast friend called with the news. Needless to say, it was day we have never forgotten. Prayers are sent for the heroes and families of this tragedy!

  10. I was student teaching in a second grade classroom that year and the kids were barely getting to school when it all began. I can still remember one student walking in and telling me about a plane crashing and I was like oh, sure, right.

    The kids had gym that morning, so after bringing them there, my cooperating teacher and I sat in the teachers' lounge frozen watching everything happening on TV. My husband was traveling for work that day and I called him in tears begging him to be careful.

    I can't believe it's been so many years already. What a sad day for all of us.


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