Thursday, January 5, 2012

confession time...

i haven't taken down my Christmas tree.
worse yet, i don't WANT to take it down.
it just goes so perfectly in my house that i hate to take it down.
the rest of the decorations are down, 
packed in boxes,
downstairs in the family room...
waiting for that last step of moving them into my storage room.
somehow that seems to take awhile:)
but my tree?
no way...not yet.
even the chenille tree skirt is gone.
but not that tree!
i LOVE my white christmas tree.  
it warms up the room, day or night.
what's not to love, right?
and my ornaments feel so MAGICAL to me...
here are a few of my favorites.

and i hope Target brings back their colored, narrow TINSEL trees next year.
i could kick myself for not buying two of the
champagne colored trees to go with the big white one.
something like this...
my own little  SHABBY CHICKS tree farm:)
then i really would cut down on whole house decorating.
i would just focus on my pretty little corner of the room filled with Christmas trees.
i wonder if anyone else has this problem.
actually, i'm kinda glad the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over...
but please let me keep my tree...i promise to stop blogging about it:)


  1. I wouldn't want to take that beautiful tree down either! I had a friend in high school, whose whole family was obsessed with Disney, and they had a Disney tree that they kept up all year as part of their Disney decorations. It is tempting but then when Christmas rolls around, it isn't as exciting for me! You keep it up as long as you want!


  2. Oh it is a beauty!!! All the ornaments are lovely, I wouldn't be in any hurry. I feel the same way about my silver aluminum vintage tree. I have boxes all over the living room ready to go to storage too. I'm just takin it slow.

  3. What a beautiful tree! I LOVE Christmas trees. A couple of years ago, I told my husband we should market a year-round Christmas tree. He thought it was a silly idea. But since then, I've seen Christmas trees in antique shops and boutiques decorated for different seasons. So, I say keep that tree up as long as you like!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  4. I vote for keeping your beautiful tree would look pretty with hearts on it.

  5. I don't have my tree down yet either, Suzanne. Likely this weekend, but it's always sad to see it packed away for another year. I wish I could keep it out all year too. It just makes a home so cozy.
    Yours is gorgeous, by the way! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year to you and your chicks.


  6. I took off the ornaments on my tree but it's still up with the lights on. I will miss that glow when it is gone. I love that champagne colored tree! Gorgeous. hugs, Linda


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