Saturday, January 28, 2012

the dangers of living in the tropics...

actually, i believe south florida is the sub-tropics...
 but close enough:)
okay...but what's so dangerous,
other than tourists?  
heeheehee (couldn't resist) could come across one of these while you're out
walking the dog.
yes, i took that photo and yes...they do pop up every now and then
and get a bit too friendly.
then you have to worry about hurricanes, sunburns, SHARKS, jellyfish.
and flying beach umbrellas that hit you in the face and
require you to get stitches the day you have to go to a BALL!
 no CINDERELLA here!!
FUN stuff like that.
but today, i was thinking, there are a few OTHER dangers of living down here.
i was sitting out by the pool, 
playing fetch with Maui, my dog.
when i heard a noise and a suddenly BIG coconut
fell from a palm tree.
so what, right?
except it was BIG, solid and hard.
 okay, so it didn't hit me.
but look at the chair i was sitting in and how CLOSE it came.
 imagine telling them that in ER. head busted open when a coconut fell on it.
the coconut didn't bust open...but my head did.
hahahaha...oh well. it didn't hit me.
but as you can see by where it landed,
it came pretty dang close!

and the last danger i want to share with you is this...
you've heard of key lime pie, right?
good...but it can actually be a bit TOO tangy and TOO sweet for me.
but still pretty darn good...if it's made right.
well, the new danger is THIS...
it is so good, CREAMY & mellow
with a hint of tang and plenty of mild sweet MANGO flavor.
a touch of CINNAMON in the graham cracker crust and HOLY COW!
delicious AND dangerous...
because you want to eat the WHOLE pie...
and gain 15 pounds instantly:)
it's been around awhile...
and i admit, folks in other states, like my Georgia friends,
enjoy this too.
but we're talking TROPICAL:)

here are a few recipes...
one using fresh mango puree and the other using 
Nellie and Joe's mango key lime juice.
Nellie and Jo's is sold at grocery stores and is the REAL deal...
they have some of the BEST pies in the keys!
so if you need to break up winter a bit, make one of these.
you'll feel just like you're in the tropics.
and you won't have to watch for falling coconuts!
 Nellie & Joe's Recipes from the Keys
Nellie's Favorite Mango Key Lime Pie
 One - 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
    3 - egg yolks (whites not used)
    One - 8 oz. package of softened cream cheese
    1/2 cup - Nellie & Joe's Mango Key Lime Juice
    One - 9" chocolate pie shell

Combine milk, eggs and softened cream cheese. Add mango key lime juice and blend until smooth. Pour into pie shell and bake at 350° for 15 minutes.
Allow to stand 10 minutes before refrigerating. Just before serving, top with fresh whipped cream and slivers of fresh mango if desired.

 and one more...
1/4 c. lime juice
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 egg yolks
1 1/2 c. mango puree
2 egg whites
1 (9 inch) graham cracker crust

Thoroughly mix lime juice, condensed milk, egg yolks and mango puree. Beat egg whites with dash of salt to stiff peaks. Fold in mango mixture. Add to crust and chill until firm. 


  1. Hi, I'm following from Follow Me Club. Maui is adorable. Good thing you weren't hit by the coconut.

  2. Did yu hve to get stitches from the umbrella. Thaat gator is scary. But that pie looks delish.
    I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Love your sweet doggie.

  3. Eek! That gator is indeed scary!!

    Awesome post!! Love it!! And LOL!!!

    Have a nice day!

  4. Yikes! I can only imagine the experience you had being greeted by that big gator. Up here in Canada we have two straight days of flurries and snow storms. My daughter was out driving and she was sliding everywhere, so she just came back home. Gator or snow storms, both yucky! Diane

  5. Oh my words that was a close call for sure. And that alligator.. OH HELL NO.... I am petrified of those things... I do believe my heart would have fallen to my toes at that point. goodness. Your a brave lady let me tell you, BRAVE LADY... Hugs.

    GIVEAWAY at my place. Come put your name in. Hugs.

  6. Lots of dangers there in the tropics! LOL! Glad that coconut missed you. I've had close calls with pine cones...the pie looks the most dangerous to me! hugs, Linda


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