Tuesday, January 24, 2012

modeling,concerts,dolphins,twinkies,dogs,dandelions,tebow,quilts, and simplifying.

i know you're thinking "SIMPLIFYING???"
sure doesn't sound like that!
well...read on.
you'll get to the simple part eventually...PROMISE;)
i thought maybe i'd play catch up and write about the things i've been meaning
to write about but haven't gotten around to.
first up...
Jordan and I went to a COUNTRY concert this weekend...
Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean!!!
our favorites:)
so you know we had a BLAST!!!
cowboy boots, hats, plaid shirts and bling all over the place.
but it sure beats 10 year old girls dressed like Lady Gaga.
uggghhh...but that's another post:)
anyway, it was good ol' FUN!!!

Taylor is doing a bit of modeling this week and next.
the local performing arts center called and needed a
to pose for painting classes.
and get this...she will be paid:)
it's kinda COOL, ya know?
nothing she loves more than putting on a tutu and doing a few

you know, my girls are 17 and almost 15...
and i am STILL on the lookout for nice family movies.
we love good movies with good stories.
so when we watched Dolphin Tale recently
i knew i had to tell you about it.
we LOVED this movie.
what's not to love about the TRUE story of a smiling,
bottlenose dolphin fitted with a prosthetic tail
after losing hers in a crab trap at the age of 3 months.
(PLUS, Harry Connick Jr. is in it:)
very SWEET movie...we give it FIVE *****

well, they're actually called BINGLES...
but they are basically the same thing.
help me now...

okay, this might be the SWEETEST dog poster i've seen yet.
the quote is familiar...
but look at how the dog is gazing LOVINGLY at the girl.

i saw this idea on pinterest and thought...
how super simple and CUTE are these?
dandlion twigs...
made by creating pompoms and attaching them to the end of twigs.
definitely on my TO-DO list:)

i'm constantly AMAZED by his convictions...
and willingness to share.

this would be SOOOOOO cute for a picnic or even better...
a beach blanket!
a BANDANA quilt!
i'm thinking that even though i don't really sew...
i could figure out how to make one for us to take to the beach.
i would need to use more bandanas...
but i think MAYBE i could handle this.

lastly...we all want to SIMPLIFY, right?
i came across this ebook from simple mom.
it's really the "simple" and practical stuff that we all know...
but broken down into easy to follow and motivating steps.
check it out HERE...for kindle or nook.
this is also a good one for simplifying...

well...i better get moving.
need to tackle my To-Do list!
Ciao, Suzanne


  1. Lots keeping you busy I see. I love that quilt! We are thinking of doing a cowboy theme party for Tiger's 1st Birthday, I wonder if I could make something like that for him? Cute!
    hugs to you, Linda

  2. Oh Im loving this banner here Suzanne.Im also loving the dandelion.How cute is that,I will have to see how its made.



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