Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Monday...I'm on my Soapbox...Go TEBOW!!!!!

 BRONCOS 29........STEELERS 23.
what a game.  
what a GREAT game Tim Tebow had!
316 passing yards!
get it...316. as in one of his favorite verses, John 3:16?

can we FINALLY, PLEASE, once and for all,
leave this young man alone?
let him play the sport he loves so very much...
and serve the God he loves even MORE?

the cruel, mean, vindictive, raunchy way he is villianized
is ridiculous.
BEYOND ridiculous.
calling him a Nazi?
like i said...DISGUSTING!

if I ever doubted we lived in a screwed up world,
i wouldn't doubt it any longer. 

let's see...what's not to like about him?
he's moral, spirit filled, doesn't have a police record, 
hasn't been in rehab for drugs or alcohol,
no illegitimate kids running around without their dad,
has a charity that does a LOT of good,
ministers to sick children and those in less fortunate countries,
plays football...and plays it WELL...good enough for the NFL!!!!!
family oriented.
gives any and all glory to God...
like I said...what's not to like.
Tebow haters have a problem...
deep down Tim makes them look and feel bad about themselves
 because they know 
they could be SO much better.

you don't have to believe like him to like/support him.
just once, can we take the side of the good guy?
applaud his athletic skills, determination...
his values...
and leave him alone?
and stop judging every play/game...
because you don't do it fairly.
little credit for wins...tons of blame for a loss.
news flash...he won't win every game, make every pass.
he has his work cut out for him next week...
but he can do in the sacred NFL that they say he can't play in.
he might lose next week.
most teams would if playing the Patriots.
but he's proven...he IS a winner anyway.

the good thing about Tebow haters is they bring a lot of attention Tim's way...
and let's him get his message out.
thanks for that!

he is famously known as the PRAYING quarterback.
the guy who wears his faith on his sleeve...literally.
(it used to be on his eyeblack:)
that's cool!
they call what he does on the sideline "Tebow-ing".

let me clear this up for those who think he is kidding around, 
starting a new trend.
it's called PRAYING. P-R-A-Y-I-N-G.
he doesn't cross his fingers or hold his breath for luck...
he prays. 
please stop mocking him...because that's what is happening.
oh, he can take it.
but i might blow up on my blog more often:)

living in Florida, being Gator fans,
we've known about Tim for awhile.
6 years we've followed him.
(yes...i'm bragging. heehee)
we are accustomed to seeing him pray on the sidelines.
so glad he has an even bigger audience now!
it's not an act.
he even has the other team's players and coaches
 gather on the field praying with him.
Tim of the good guys.

it's nice to know they DO exist in this world.
trust me...with 2 daughters of dating age, it's VERY nice to know they exist!


(SEC football is SOOOO much fun:)


  1. I agree completely! HE is awesome and humble and should be left alone to believe as he believes and play amazing football!

  2. Hi Suzanne, I love Tim Tebow. He's totally awesome and such a fine young man.

    I am a total Gator fan. Yay!!

    Great post!


  3. Hi Suzanne, I am a football fan and loved wathching his last game. I was rooting for his team the entire time and I am a Giants fan! He has so many positive things going for him. Who wouldn't want their child to look up to such a talented and good athlete. They aren't all like that. The haters are relentless with this young man. I don't understand it. It must make them feel superior in some sort of disturbed way. lol I'll bet it just makes him stronger! Good luck to your team!
    ~Debra xxx

  4. Yay for football! I'm a true SEC and NFL fan and have 'followed' Tim Tebow for a while too. He' a GREAT football player and person.

    I live close to New Orleans. The 'big' game starts soon. All I have to say "Go SEC"! I'm not picking sides, lol.

  5. I like Tim, everyone at work always rags about him, but I always say it's because he's a good guy.

  6. I so agree.Im a Steeler fan of course im in Pennsylvania.But you know im finally going to change.I think hes so inspiring and awesome.I actually was happy the Steelers lost lol.Hes a bit cute too;) lol


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