Monday, January 16, 2012

Stuff i Love...Beauty Products

what on earth am i thinking...
sharing my "beauty picks"?
HECK, i don't know much about it...
but i do know what i LOVE right now.

and for some reason, i do get questions when i'm out.
some very KIND women, trying to make my day,
will often ask what i use for this or that.
so you see, i'm doing this for them! (haha)
AND...i'm showing you a before make-up and after make-up photo too.
just like oprah:)

now before i start, i should say that
let me rephrase that...
 i like a good buy:)
oh...if i thought it made a huge difference, maybe i would pay big bucks for cosmetics and stuff.
but having dabbled in makeup for many years,
even selling it,
i know that it isn't about where you buy it or what you pay...
it's about what works.
so please forgive how downright CHEAP some of my stuff is!
but i really do love it:)

let's get down to the good stuff...
1.  Face cleanser: PONDS COLD CREAM!
 seriously...i LOVE this stuff.
gentle, refreshing, great for my dry skin, removes my eye makeup...and CHEAP:)
i am absolutely hooked on this cool, white cream.
and i LOVE the clean scent!

2.  Dry, Cracked heels and fingers:  Gold Bond Healing Ointment!
 Very thick emollient...a little goes a long way.
lasts through hand washing. even helps my dry, brittle nails.
and for all over dry Gold Bond Ribbons Body Cream.
 3.  Primer: Pur Minerals correcting face primer.
all of us chicks are in LOVE with this stuff!
 this fixes our skin before we even do foundation:)

4.  Foundation:  L'oreal True Match in Warm 6.
 I've tried SO many foundations...probably 6 this year alone...and come back to this every time.  Just right coverage and goes on nicely with a sponge.

5.  Blush:  I like a pinky-brown shade...and can't find one i love...
so i make my own!
 i dab my brush in a bronzer by Rimmel..."Sundance".
 and then i dab it into "pink passion" blush by ELF cosmetics ($1.00)...
 the two combined give me a perfect pinky-brown shade:)

6.  Eyeshadow:  I used to wear Clinique and still recommend it. But these days i like NYC eyes in "Union Square".'s amazing!
Comes with a plum accent color, 2 browns and a beige shade for highlighting.
PLUS a primer for the eyes and pearl shimmer for highlighting cheekbones.
all for about $4.40! 
I also like L'Oreal eyeshadow quad in "Neutral".
These shades are great for accenting my hazel eyes and bringing out the green.

7.  Eyepencil:  "Purple Passion" by Sonia Kashuk, sold at Target.
 My favorite for a few years now...makes my hazel eyes green:)
M.A.C. waterproof pencils are great too.

8.  Mascara:  wish i had a secret here, but it all comes down to preferences.
My lashes are short and sparse...
yet i don't like a gloppy mascara to thicken them.
oh, i've used Lancome to thicken. but i never stick with it...
so i must not be crazy about the stuff.
these days I wear black waterproof mega-length mascara by Wet n Wild.
 Really thin brush and 2 coats gives me lashes longer than normal.
stays on with no smudging but comes off easy with my Ponds Cold Cream:)
but i really do believe mascara is one of those things you really have to experiment to
find your favorite.

9:  Lips:  I line with a neutral rosy brown pencil and fill in with NYC pink lip pen in persistent pink.
again...i'm going for a subtle pinky-brown shade.  Then I follow that with a gloss or sometimes JUST the gloss and lip pencil. Shimmer gloss...always shimmer!
i LOVE Galactic by splurge:)
 however, my sis recently gave me an adorable kit of Mary Kay glosses that are just as nice and have a variety of shades...all wearable.
Big hit in our house...i think we may be hooked!

10.  Nails...I use Nailene Skinny French White Manicure pen and clear topcoat for a french manicured look.
 This stuff is AMAZING!!!
Especially great for pedicures.

11.  Haircolor...L'Oreal Petite Frost in Chardonnay.
comes with a cap but I only do that about every third or fourth time.
the other times, I just paint on a few highlights where I need them.

12.  Perfume:  i know some like a fresh scent.
i like a sweeter scent which is why i LOVE Pink Sugar!
 for a flowery scent, i would have to go with Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume...
 and it sure is:)

13.  Body Lotion/Spray/Shower Gels:  Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line.
The body wash comes in Cotton Candy, Juiced Berry, Coconut Craze, Honey Do,
Slice of Heaven, and Appletini.
 You can use these as a shower gel, bubble bath, or shampoo
a la Philosophy 3-in-1′s! Awesome right? Plus they are priced at 3 for $25 so you won’t break the bank too much by indulging.

14. Shampoo:  I'm a really simple, cheap girl here.
 i like Suave Coconut or Mandarin Orange shampoo:)

15. Styling Products.
i LOVE Jonathan's "dirt" for hair but haven't found it in years,
so i use Surf Head paste these days.
16. Skin Care:  my skin has gotten so dry.
and with the sun damage i did to it, there's no telling what is on the horizon for me.
but for now, i seem to be warding off horrible signs with a simple routine.
Taylor got a sample of this stuff and i used it...
and was quickly hooked.
it's the anti-aging skin care line by Dr. Patricia Wexler,
sold at Bath and Body Works.

best lasts a long time!

well, i guess that's it.
sorry this isn't more inspiring but at least you can say it's a bargain, right?
thanks for stopping by!
i'm not sure what my next "stuff i love" post will be about.
 guess it's a surprise...
for me too:)
i need to clean out my maybe
i'll do a Stuff i Love closet edition.
see you soon!
OOPS...forgot the before/after photo!
 see below...

hey...i just said before and after makeup...
i didn't say all in the same day!:D


  1. The before and after made me smile! You have picked out lots of great products. So if I use them I can be as pretty as you???? My coloring is different so some of them wouldn't work on me but the dry skin I have. I'm a huge fan of Cetaphil cleanser for my face. I've used it for years and have great skin! Lucky me. hugs, Linda

  2. Your beautiful.....I must run out and by your favorites.

  3. Great products!

    I love the NYX eye shadows. Have you ever tried Wet 'n Wild eye shadows? They are awesome and very pigmented.

  4. Adorable-both before and after! I love this post...such a fun idea. I am the same way-some things I am so cheap on and others I splurge on. I have to have my MAC Studio Fix but I love $1 ELF eye liner. You are so right about just finding the right product no matter the cost. Thanks for the fun!



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