Wednesday, January 11, 2012

taken for granted...

ever had someone special in your life that you take for granted?
someone who's just always there...
and you kind of expect them to always be there?

my SPECIAL person is Aunt Margaret.
she is my mom's older sister...
the only two sisters in a family with 5 kids.
they have been close their entire lives.
my aunt and uncle paul lived one street over from us my whole life...
and they were like second parents, 
having no children of their own.
(knitting circle with aunt m)
they were always there for family gatherings
and hosted many FAMILY picnics at their own home
 as they had this huge backyard
(and the cleanest garage to sit around and eat in;)

my wonderful uncle passed away some years ago,
 but my aunt is still with us...thankfully!
she's 88 years old (i think...could be 87 turning 88...
and she IS a little thing...with a great laugh:)
my husband calls her "Iron Margaret" because up until the past year or so, 
she took care of that big back yard...
even changing the oil in the mower every spring!
all my life, she would drive any traffic.
she shoveled her own drive for years and then used a snowblower recently as a few months ago.
she could fix many things around her house...
a regular handy-woman!
she LOVES her dog and would take it for a nightly ride...
downtown to see the pretty lights.
she would take anyone for that ride,
earning her the title of 
tour guide:)
she wouldn't miss church if her life depended on it and even volunteered
to clean the church once a week up until last year.
(she loves her white christmas tree!)
well...a month ago she fell on the driveway.
Iron Margaret fell!
basically, she broke her hip and her wrist...
and after surgery, she is recuperating and in rehab at a local
nursing home.
like many people, she deserved better...but to use a phrase my mom and I
have come to despise after the past few traumatic months of hearing it over and over...
it is what it is.
 it really is.

so all we can do is PRAY and encourage her in every way.
the surgeon was amazed at how strong her muscles were...
but she is very weak now, of course.
still positive...HOPEFUL...but weak.

Aunt Margaret...
always there with a smile and encouraging word.
never forgetting a birthday or anniversary.
always willing to pitch in and help where needed.
LOYAL sister.
dog lover.
faithful christian.
sometimes taken for granted...
but never saying a word.
one very COOL lady...
and because i wasn't always good at remembering to say this...
i love you!
my Aunt Margaret.


p.s.  prayers for aunt m. willingly and gratefully accepted;)


  1. oh what a wonderful auntie!!
    i will keep her in my prayers..she is a special one!!

  2. I think ladies named Margaret are especially wonderful-my mom and great grandma are Margaret's! She is the custest little thing-I will definitely keep her in my prayers!


  3. Lovely post.Wonderful lady Suzanne.She looks adorable on that lawn mower LOL.

    Blessings to her,hopfully she will be up and around real soon.

  4. She is such a sweet little lady. Being in a rehab center isn't fun. I tend to bet she will be strong and bounce back quickly. My mom is a bit younger but has had so many things happen to her. 11 surgeries in 7 years. We aren't talking about little things either.Hip, knee, kidney cancer and etc. She amazes the doctors.
    I will pray for her.

  5. What a sweet Aunt she is. I have her in my prayers for a quick healing and back to her normal life! hugs, Linda

  6. hope that she has lots of people around her to encourage her. hips at that age are very stressing... reason i bet her bones are in good shape is her lifestyle. good for her. wish i was as strong as that. i have bad bones. not good for 56. im praying for her to get better soon. well wishes for you and your family.

  7. And so its done. Your aunt is on my prayer list.


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