Friday, January 6, 2012

feelin kinda crafty

with the Holidays gone, we all have so much free time, right?
okay, so maybe we don't have all that much.
but it IS a fun time of year to get crafty.
especially with new projects.

 with that in mind, look what i found on pinterest...
can you believe this?
the site is The Long Thread...
i just know you'll find something that catches your eye!

there was another project on pinterest that i loved...
and i'm thinking it will be so cool in my girls rooms.
papercup garland!
you can go here to see how you make these but be warned...
the instructions are in a different language:)

in a nutshell, you buy those throwaway plastic cups,
make a template for the cup and cut out pieces of scrapbook paper according to
the template,
mod podge the paper on the cup and poke a hole in the bottom
to insert a twinkle light.
in Taylor's room, I'll use shabby papers and in Jordans room, I'll use...
well, i'll find something that goes in her cool room:)

now, if you don't find something here to waste time on this weekend, 
something is seriously wrong:)
Happy Friday!


  1. I will check out the 100 Tutorials as I am planning to do some crafting this year!

  2. wow, quite a list of crafts. something for everyone huh. ive gotten the bug for crafting. have my 1st project gathered in a box sitting here looking @ me saying WELL???? WHAT R U WAITING FOR!!!! thanks so much for the paper cup craft. i think im going to make one of these for my grandaughters birthday. a ways away, so ive got time. shes getting to age where shes developing her style and i know shell love these. cept im NOT doing with pics of justin bieber! lol. again thanks, happy crafting and i hope this note leaves you doing well.:)


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