Friday, February 17, 2012

being happy...

a year ago, i chose the word "HAPPY" 
as my word of the year.
the idea behind it is to keep that one word or thought
in mind as you go through the year.
i love the word happy.
i love the idea of it.
and i would like to be happy...always!
to see something and this precious photo.....
makes me happy.

life sometimes gets in the way.
and it sure got in my way last year.  
but looking back, just because bad things happen,
we don't have to be UNhappy forever.
there will be so much to make us sad in a lifetime.
what we probably need to do is work on
getting our happy back when we kinda lose our way.

i am making my word for 2012 (late, i know:)
because i kinda lost my way...
and i need to see the happy in all moments...
even if it is upon reflecting back on a moment,
there was usually SOMETHING that made us happy,
made us SMILE!
like a great cup of coffee after a long sleepless night.

and more than anything,
i figure we need to remember this.....
God wants us to be happy:)

here are a few things that made me smile....made me HAPPY recently.
first, this necklace. 

I saw it a month ago and impulsively bought it.
and now i wear it 24/7.
and sometimes i see it in a mirror and it literally makes me think...
have i been paying attention to the happy things or dwelling
on the bad.
for that alone, it was worth it!

the other day, i saw this on pinterest....
a HOTWHEELS lunchbox!!!
this gave me a moment of pure joy, because it brought such 
yes, i was a major tomboy:)
i had this exact lunchbox....
and how i loved playing with my hot wheels 
and that orange hot wheels racetrack!
HAPPY memories!!!

my COOL iPad case also brings back memories....
of happy times in LONDON with my family.
just thinking about my favorite store in London makes me happy:)

something else from that store across the pond.....
my ditzy flower backpack.
i know...not designer....
because NO designer makes a bag as cute as my flowered backpack:)

yesterday, i had to stop at Coconut Point (outdoor mall)
for a few things.
i noticed a new store that Jordie had been telling me about...
so i popped in.
and i fell in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this...
and at just over $20...a real steal for this subway art loving girl!!!
is it amazing or what?????

if you need a bit of help finding your own HAPPY.....
give a few of these a try.
as for me, i know what makes me happy every single time.
these beautiful SMILES are a sure thing....
guaranteed to make ME smile.....
and make me HAPPY.

so, what makes you happy?
besides the fact that today is Friday, that is:)

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  1. Wonderful post Suzanne! I'm glad you choose Happy again. We have to sometimes remind ourselves that there is much to be thankful for and lots to be happy about. You know my little Grand and my girls make me the happiest for sure. Hugs, Linda

    PS I pinned that subway art!

  2. Everything is so cute! I LOVE that flower backpack!!


  3. Me too. Wat is the brand name of your backpack?


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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