Sunday, February 26, 2012

happy things: curling up with a good book

well, a few days back I put out a plea for some
GOOD book selections.
thank you to all who commented and emailed me.
now, i want to share the suggestions with you
***NOTE:  i haven't read these myself so please read
the synopsis and reviews.  
but i DO have some of the greatest readers in all of
so i am pretty sure the choices are good ones,
but as I said, see for yourself!


i am suggesting this book...
Gift from the Sea.
Very short, easy read...but a special book.
the trailer park mysteries ...

other suggestions received are:

(supposedly the next Grisham?)

from Paula at thriftymomma...

and two of my favorites come from my own sweet girl, Jordan.
She suggests two very inspirational books.
one goes without saying...
I'm so proud that this is the type of book she chose.

and being a huge tennis fan,
her favorite male player is Rafael Nadal.
she found his book inspirational, informative and as a mom,
i appreciated that it was clean
 and he doesn't talk about partying but of a simpler life,
growing up in Spain and of his love for the game.

probably the COOLEST thing i learned about was a
website that will suggest books for you based on your favorites.
All you do is type in one of your favorite authors and
it will give you a list of similar authors/books.
like i said, pretty cool!

please remember to preview these on your own.  
hopefully you will find something to curl up with:)



  1. Lots of great suggestions! hugs, Linda

  2. What a great website find -- woot! Thank you!!

    As for the books, I've not read them all, but I have read -- and loved Ten Beach Road ~ Wendy Wax and The Wildwater Walking Club ~ Claire Cook. For that matter, I've read everything written by both of them, and loved it all!


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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