Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some cool stuff... know, i just realized that i say "cool and "stuff" a lot.
oh well.
could be worse, right?
so, i have a board on pinterest called COOL STUFF.
(all photos and links can be found there, so come on by. 
clicking on the link will take you straight there:)
believe it or not, there are people who are not on pinterest,
maybe even don't know what it is.
well, it's SOOOOO cool!
a place to "pin" or save photos of just about anything and categorize them, 
follow friends and see what they are pinning...
i'm sure i didn't explain it that well but you get the drift.

so for those who don't go on pinterest, i decided to share a few things i found from one of my boards...and i think i have about 52 boards.
everything from cool stuff to yummy food to stuff.
and so many more.
but today is about cool stuff so here goes...

how cool is this...wingback chair recovered in pink polka dots.
polka dots just make me happy:)

 this is a wide, ruffled scarf type thing that is so wide, it serves
as a wrap.  and it's made from felt.  cool!

mason jars are BIG down south.
maybe they're big everywhere.
i know one thing, when you see how cool this is, you'll be digging out your
mason jars and spray painting them gold!

  the reason i think these macaroons are cool is i bet
someone could buy them and make a little bow from fondant.
someone better than me:)

okay, clearly i have WAY too much time on my hands,
because i love this...and i'm going to glitter my keys!
not my finger nails though.  just doesn't do much for me, but hey...if you think it's cool...

okay, i'm sharing this because someone pinned it and said this about it:
"This is my new everyday lip color--NYX in Thalia. It's moisturizing, has a nice scent and is only 4 bucks!"
It is beautiful! 
 (and i think NYX is that inexpensive makeup line New York City, )
sold at drugstores.

scrabble anyone?
how super cool and easy do these cookies look?
i would say these are just a basic sugar cookie w/icing.
except i would probably eat 500 in one game:)

okay...i'm doing this too...
decals on my stand mixer!!!  isn't this cute/cool?

and this is just adorable for someone having a bad day/week...
"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"
and you just made it a bit easier when you give this!

here we go again...
i have stairs that look just like this...
or they will, after i get done painting something on them.
let's see...when is my husband going out of town again?
don't worry...he actually misses it if he comes home and doesn't smell paint:)

i just love this...
isn't that a great saying?
not to mention the very cool and unique way it is displayed.
i need to remember this!!!

so there you go...a few of the things on my 
COOL STUFF board on pinterest.
hope to catch you surfing around, looking for "COOL" photos!
have a good one...

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  1. Some very cool stuff here! I need a Kitchen-Aid mixer for so many reasons including the cute decals! Happy Leap Day!



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