Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Decisions and Modeling...

something i've never been terribly great at.
and apparently i passed that gene on to my sweet Taylor:)
maybe we think too much.
or maybe we like too many things, if that's possible.
but one thing is for sure...
we often get 
at this street corner...
this time, the indecision involved Taylor...my ballerina.
or as I like to call her...
(oh, she just LOVES that. hahaha)

anyway, this is the time of year to audition for and decide on which
summer intensive (ballet) program to go to. 
and the older she gets, the more important the decision becomes.

she auditioned for 7 schools 
(you never know how the audition will go, what they are looking for...stuff like that.)
 so you do your best to increase your odds.
She was accepted to all...Kirov Academy, Boston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, Ballet Met, Ballet Austin and North Carolina Dance Theater. 
they're all very good.
one of these she attended last summer and they very much wanted her back...
SO, what to do?

we narrowed the list to three, but 
 for us, three is too many to choose between:)
my husband said he would help us decide.
sweet, right?
i think we were just driving him NUTS:)
plus, his idea of making a decision would be this:
what are the choices?
which one is the best?
Okay...that's where she's going.
GEE...thanks for helping us work through this.

but GOOD news...
we made a decision yesterday.
yes, Miss Taylor weighed her choices and decided that she needed
to go to a very selective program.
and that program (for her) is...


great school, wonderful history, great professional company.
i think it's a good choice:)
and since we try to make a girls road trip out of it every year,
it doesn't hurt that we are only an hour or two from...

this had NOTHING to do with my preference as to where she went.
not at all:)
but we've been thinking,
we need to bring another girl along on our trip.

what are you doing the end of June?
come on...
last time we were in Kennebunkport was the beginning of my MS stuff.
mom...i need you with me.
your granddaughters need you.
is my guilt trip working?
no pressure or anything.

anyway, Boston Ballet it is.
whew...i hope we have a break before our next big decision.
this is exhausting and stressful.
but it feels good to be done.
and we are going to be talking to the one she was at last year.
because they were good to her.
she liked them a lot.
and she very well may want to go back next year.
no bridge burning here!
so, moving on.

what about this MODELING?
well, in keeping with the Taylorina blog post,
she has been doing some modeling lately.
(and let me tell you, the pay is not bad:)
she has modeled in leotard and tutu for a local artist
who teaches ABSTRACT painting classes to some lovely ladies at her studio and the 
art center in Naples.
Ballerina Art
(abstract...meaning the painter interprets the subject. not detailed. or something like that:)

she LOVES the modeling,
even though she is sore when she gets home.
she says it looks beautiful, but holding one pose for a long time is tough.
but fun!

so there you have it...
making decisions and modeling.
i'm done rambling.
have a WONDERFUL day!
(and thank you to Jeannie at the the Gilded JunqueYard for inspiring me with some cool blog ideas.  go visit her. you'll love her blog and her too:)


  1. Ooooh, how fun! Congrats to your beautiful Taylor!!

  2. Decisions are hard but once made it is a great feeling. I think Boston is an awesome choice! hugs, Linda

  3. Such wonderful times for your daughter. She sounds like her future as a dancer is coming true for sure. She is beautiful.
    Oh, and I love that little town.


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