Friday, February 10, 2012

hearts and hugs...keepin it simple

so Tuesday is Valentine's Day.
are you ready?
or is that what this weekend is for?
now don't get mad at what i say next...
you COULD go out and BUY a box of valentine's.
your kids will LOVE it.
mine always wanted the little Barbie valentine's...
or Blue's Clue...or Scooby Doo!
their mama didn't get the nickname "Martha" or "Suzanne Stewart" for nothing.
oh...and by the way, us OLD moms didn't have pinterest or
"tutorials" to help us.
you young mamas have it SO easy:)

there are so many amazing ideas out there, right?
and with Pinterest, you get to see TONS of ideas.
i know i'm hooked on it!'s kind of overwhelming sometimes.
and i've learned, sometimes easy and SIMPLE is best.
YES...that is coming from me:)
so today, here are a few ideas that are all about EASY!
we've done a few, pinterest helped alot...
 the main ingredient is simple...and sweet!
later this weekend, we'll turn it up a notch...maybe:)

our traditions in a nutshell...
plenty of decorating, homemade valentines...
 breakfast: heart shaped pancakes (pink), 
strawberries, heart shaped toast...
pink milk...stuff like that.
lunch:  heart shaped sandwiches, 
fruit punch, heart cookies, strawberries...again.
dinner:  PINK, red or heart shaped foods only...
pink mashed potatoes and gravy, red jello, heart shaped chicken tenders...
thank GOODNESS for cookie cutters!
 here are a few pics and ideas...hope you find something new:)

this one is so cool...kind of like those ornaments you make at christmas.
no instructions needed, really.
just cut strips of paper in three lengths of choice (5", 6", 7"...or so)
and staple:)  EASY!

valentine meals...
Bubbly Love Potion
 (mix pink lemonade, sprite, raspberry sherbet)

 cute lunch tray.

 heart shaped pepperoni...wish i'd thought of that!
twinkie strawberry shortcake...GENIUS!
class party...
 peanut butter or sugar cookies with hershey hugs (and tinted red)
or DOVE heart chocolates.
easy, right?

okay, are you still with me?
now for the fun part...Valentines!
maybe for a teacher?
 bear hugs...cute:)
 "OWL" be your valentine if you'll be mine.
 a bit more traditional...
 okay...this is our choice for 2012...
pretzels, white chocolate and sprinkles.
easy, cheap and YUMMY...
and I should know, i've eaten enough:)
 fortune cookies dipped in chocolate...SWEET.
 i think i'd leave the lollipop wrapped...
but this is just heart shapes folded, then opened and layered...
with a lollipop poked through the center.
print out a little saying...i don't know, maybe 
"valentine, you make my heart blossom" or something like that...
 tie it on the stick.
 my personal favorite, most likely for a teacher...
buy a candy box, place one candy/truffle/cake ball in it,
and a little gift of earrings in the other side.
pretty AND sweet:)

that's it for today.  
if you have no ideas...and don't have time to search online or through magazines,
than this is for you:)
sending you hugs and piggies on this beautiful Friday...
piggies, get it? :)


  1. I just love everything! And yes, the twinkie strawberry shortcake is pretty brilliant!

  2. Lots of beautiful ideas for Valentines. I enjoy all the paper hearts.

  3. So many cute ideas!! Love the home made Valentine's even if I don't make any! hugs, Linda

  4. So many great ideas. I made the heart garland on twine with sheets of vintage music. Love it! Thanks for sharing with us all ~ Judy


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