Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my life in candy.....

oh. my. gosh.
i just realized something as i was looking at the 
empty bowl of candy hearts.
a.  valentine's day is over.
b.  you can tell what time of year it is by what kind of candy
 i am hooked on at the moment.

let's start at the beginning of the year.
as soon as christmas is over, i am buying these...
 candy hearts 
red hots!

unfortunately, i have to say that the candy bowl is always full.
but i don't have a sweet tooth or anything;)

so valentine's day is over...
time for these...
 jelly beans
marshmallow chicks!

moving on...
nothing in particular for summer...
but i notice that i steer clear of chocolate.
summer is a time for old favorites.
like these...
 hot tamales
good n plenty!

well, now we're into fall.
which means halloween and thanksgiving.
which means these candies...
good ol' candy corn!

now Christmas, that one is sort of tricky.
because most of my drug i mean treat of choice would be 
cookies or something else we made.
but because they are ALWAYS good...and they look so festive,
our candy bowl is usually filled with these...

so there you have it...
my life in candy!

now i know my wonderful dad is not here to defend himself.
and if he were, he would have that shy grin on his face because he would know
what i am about to say is 100% TRUE.
but i can blame all of this on my dad.
he introduced me to some FUN, cheap, yummy candy.
like these...
 circus peanuts
jujubes! may not know this but eating candy was sometimes the only
way he got me into piano lessons! :)
was i a lucky girl or what?
(you bet i was:)
you know...they called him Sweet Leo!
maybe that's the secret to his sweetness.....a stash of candy in the car!
i think i'll try it.
so if people start referring to me as "Sweet Suzanne",
you'll know why:)
by the way, happy valentine's day dad!
my day was great...but i missed the box of TURTLES
 you used to send me:)
you know, i have a confession to make.
i used to hide the box on the top shelf of my pantry...
because no way was i sharing my turtles!
i do need to sweeten up a bit, don't i?;)

now i hope your valentine's day was wonderful!
here is a pic of the sweet roses my hubby got his three girls...
i know...GORGEOUS, right?

i'm going to leave you with two thoughts i intended to post yesterday.

hahahaha...doesn't that crack you up?

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


  1. Oh that was fun to see you candy of choice for each holiday! Love it. Gorgeous flowers and I know you day was full of love! hugs, Linda

  2. Oh my eyes just stopped on the jelly beans LOL.I loveeeeee did I say loveeeee ha jelly bellys

    Have a great rest of the week.

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