Monday, April 30, 2012

Lilac Love......

lovely lilacs.....
bring back childhood memories
 ~of springtime,
~of flowers blooming,
~of bushes bursting with beautiful flowers,
~of one of my favorite scents.
~the scent of HOME:)

because we don't have lilac bushes down here.
i almost ordered a bouquet from 
Martha Stewart flowers 
so my girls could experience fresh lilacs in their home,
at least once.
i decided the cost was a bit too steep.....
but one of these days:)

oh gosh, just looking at these photos makes me smile.
maybe i need to order those lilacs after all.
if it's too late, i have to remember next year
don't you think?

this year,
lilacs have taken on a whole new meaning in our house.
because my ballerina Taylor is dancing the part of the
LILAC FAIRY in Sleeping Beauty.
The performance is May 19 and May 20, but here is a newspaper photo
taken at a dress rehearsal the other day.
(combined with my online artwork at polyvore:)
my fairy is the one in.....

i swear, this is just TOO MUCH fun!
here's one more using the same photo.
what do you think?
she really is a diamond in a rhinestone world:)

yep, i guess you could say
we're just a bit into lilacs this year.
hope your spring is full of beauty too!



  1. Your daughter looks so very beautiful! I love lilacs too and wish I had a tree in my yard! They smell so yummy!

  2. She looks so pretty in her Lilac tutu! I love Lilacs but they don't grow well here in the south!

  3. Well, first off- Taylor is a beautiful girl and I LOVE her tutu! Jut gorgeous!

    I love my lilacs. They are my favorite flower of the Season. I am so blessed to have several in my yard and can't wait for them to bloom. xo Diana

  4. I love lilacs! Growing up. my neighbor across the street had a huge lilac bush. I would go and pick bouquets every year. We planted one at our old house and it had just started getting so many blooms when we had to move :o( But the neighbor across the street at our new house has a huge lilac bush and I think I will have to go pick myself a bouquet!


  5. Oh my Gosh Suzanne Sweetie...
    I love seeing Taylor in her Lilac costume. How beautiful she is. So poised and on toe. I am so thrilled that you shared.

    You did an awesome job with the photos. Don't you just love it when you create something and you just bat it right out of the ball park? I love it.

    Lilacs take me home to Oklahoma. Before we moved out to AZ, I had planted a beautiful Lilac bush beneath our bedroom window. I loved the Spring time when it bloomed, as I would throw open the window and let the breeze carry the beautiful fragrance throughout the house. Once you have held this scent, you never let go.

    Thank you for the memory this evening. It so grabbed at my heart. Thank you even more for sharing Taylor with me. I loved it dear friend. Have a glorious week. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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